Killer Strategies to Improve Your Facebook Conversion Rate (With Practical Examples)

Marketers and advertisers know the drill.

Another week, another Facebook ad to connect with your audience.

You churn out advert after advert, campaign after campaign – spending dollars all the way.

But, for some reason, conversions don’t seem to take off.

Is Facebook even the right platform for your advertising dollars?

Killer Strategies

It’s natural that a conversion-focused advertiser or business (like you) might try to avoid the platform. But that would be silly. And here’s why: [Read more...]

Facebook Ads AND/OR Targeting, Better A/B Tests Reporting and much more added to AdEspresso

Here we go with another monthly update on what we’ve done in September to make AdEspresso easier and more effective for your Facebook advertising needs. We’ve made several improvements this month and, best of all, we’re nearing the public release for 2 big new features we’ve been working on for a couple of months and will be live in October!

Adespresso New Features

Let’s get started with this month’s new features! [Read more...]

Facebook Introduces Mobile Geo-Fencing With ‘Local Awareness Ads’

Just when you thought The Big Blue lifted all prospects out of its ad targeting world, Facebook officially launched its new ‘Local Awareness Ads’ to help advertisers create ads targeting a hyper-local audience “at the lowest possible cost.”

Local Shop

Local Awareness ads are rolling out to US Facebook advertisers “over the coming weeks” and worldwide “in the coming months.” In addition to enabling marketers to target users physically present nearby, it will allow SMBs to find new customers by displaying ads to groups of people in the locality. [Read more...]

How To Use Purchase Behavior Category To Target Facebook Users

So, you’re full of advertising budget and have an exciting campaign for your target audience?


But here’s the kicker: your chances of reaching a consumer base that actually buys what you have to offer are slim if you don’t do this one thing.

Target purchase behavior.

Facebook Ads Behavioral Targeting

Purchase behavior refers to the actions users take away from Facebook (things they buy away from the platform). Here are a few reasons why this form of target marketing can be a viable strategy: [Read more...]

Facebook Atlas Ad Platform 2.0 – What Does It Mean For Advertisers?


Is your website ad measurement the right fit for the audience you want to attract?

Facebook urges you to do more than simply nod and agree.

Really think about it.

What are the specific ad elements that lay the foundation to accurately target a certain demographic across devices and browsers or into the offline world?

Today’s ad measurements mostly rely on cookie tracking: data files stored on mobile devices and computers to track user movements within websites. But the technology doesn’t work well for modern marketing campaigns. [Read more...]

New AdEspresso Features for August 2014

One word: Wow!

August was an awesome month here at AdEspresso. We’re growing at a crazy speed and now have customers in more than 73 countries. We even received recognition from Facebook for all the hard work we’ve done with the recent badging as a PMD partner for Facebook Advertising!

adespresso new features

But, let’s talk about what’s the most interesting for you: How we’ve made AdEspresso better this month. There are a lot of new features that will make your life as an advertiser more simple and effective. To help you out, we’ll give you a quick walk through of each new feature we’re going to release in the next few days so you get the most out of it. [Read more...]

It’s the End of Facebook Click-Bait As We Know It!

Click-baiting is getting the cold-shoulder from Facebook — and if you’re taking part in the algorithm gaming scheme, you’re going to have to think of a different way to entice your audience.

Facebook Click-Bait

If you aren’t familiar, click-baiting refers to when a Facebook user posts a link that “encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see.” According to Facebook, click-bait style posts often receive more clicks, which equates to them getting shown to more people, thus being shown higher up in News Feed. [Read more...]

Facebook just killed the most effective way to create Custom Audiences… and it’s good news for you!

By now you should all know how effective Custom Audiences are. What you may not know is that lots of users gamed the system (and broke Facebook’s ToS and probably many privacy laws while they were at it) by creating custom audiences with Facebook User IDs they were not authorized to use… until now. Facebook is finally cracking down on scraping.

Facebook Scraping

The method is simple. The internet is flooded with shady marketeers selling software or browser add-ons that can scrape Facebook to obtain User IDs. It is easy and damn effective.
Want to target members of a laser-focused group for your market? Simply upload your tool of choice and let it crawl the group’s pages, gathering all visible users’ IDs. Want to target a competitor’s page which is not listed as an interest in Facebook Ads’ precise targeting? No problem! In just a few minutes you can generate a txt file containing the user IDs of every user that ever interacted with any of your competitor’s posts. [Read more...]