4 Reasons Users Aren’t Clicking: Why Your Facebook Ads Fail

There are a million and one blog posts on tips and tricks to get users to click your Facebook Ads. It makes sense—we all want the clicks, and we all want those conversions.

But what about the things that actually keep users from clicking on the ads? Those factors that will override those handy tips and tricks? The reasons that your otherwise successful campaign came up short?

Facebook Ads Fail

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Lead Generation with Facebook Ads – The Definitive Guide

Lead Generation is a hot topic and every time I find myself discussing it on a call I wonder why I have not written about it yet on our blog. It’s a topic I am very passionate about and it is incredibly easy to generate leads using a Facebook ad campaign.

Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

So here I am, writing this valuable guide for you! Together we’ll see how you can bring your campaigns to the next level, and set up a winning lead generation process. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Generate More Ecommerce Sales with Facebook Ads

Yes, Facebook ads work.

And there is plenty of data to prove it.

According to Adweek for instance, a typical return on investment from Facebook Ads in ecommerce is 152%. And the average order value online stores receive from ad referral is $85 (source).

facebook ads ecommerce
The social network also holds the second largest net digital ad revenue share worldwide (source).

But with more than 2 million businesses already advertising on Facebook, gaining an audience’s attention and turning it into ecommerce sales is getting harder by the day.

If you feel that your ads don’t achieve good ROI, check out these 5 tips for driving more sales with Facebook Ads. [Read more…]

Relevance Score: We analyzed 104,256 Ads to understand and improve it

Facebook recently started showing advertisers a new and pretty awesome metric: the Relevance Score.

The new metric is a score on a scale of 1 to 10 that rates an ad based on how relevant it is to it’s target audience.

facebook ads relevance score
As we like data-backed posts, I waited for the numbers to stack up. Today, we are going to analyze Facebook Ads relevance score by looking into 45 days of data from 104,256 ads. [Read more…]

How To Optimize Customer Service Via Facebook

Customers are vocal. So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to sharing success stories, asking questions or filing complains, they’ll look at every possible option.

Since people started relying on Facebook and other social platforms for more than catching up with peers, brands need to prepare for an uptick in customer interactions on these channels.

Optimize Customer Service Via Facebook

Facebook is likely to be the primary line of contact for your customers when it comes to complaints and praise, as it is where most people are. Managing customer service over this platform, as a result, has become a standard expectation.

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7 Facebook Advertising Myths debunked

When we started working on AdEspresso, one of my biggest concerns was that small to medium size businesses were not yet ready for it.

And I don’t mean ready for an alternative to Facebook’s Ads Manager but for advertising on Facebook at all. Most users saw the new social media advertising channel as something for big brands to spend money on before moving on to the next big thing.

Facebook MythBusters

But I was sure that was not the case. And I was sure because Facebook Ads were already working for us. As a medium-sized web agency, we were not just generating brand awareness but real traffic and sales for our customers. We could have done better but still the results were there!

Nowadays, Facebook is seen by most marketers as both a mature platform and a reliable advertising channel. However, some early-day myths have survived and it’s time to debunk them, once and for all. [Read more…]

5 Ways To Use Facebook To Grow Your Email List

It’s a common scenario: Facebook marketers get so caught up in advertising and posting regular updates, they tend to forget about other benefits they could reap out of the platform.

One of these benefits is growing their email list.

Grow your email list

You know, those people who keep coming back to check out your brand’s Facebook page? And those who are thinking of buying from you and would love to receive new offers & updates?

Unfortunately, too many marketers undermine the value of these Facebook users. But the fact of the matter is, the more people you can add to your email list, the more people you’ll be able to reach out to, even if they don’t have time to see your Facebook updates. And don’t forget that all those emails are also a great resource to create Custom Audiences and create more effective Facebook Ads Campaigns!

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The surprising secret about SMEs’ Churn

Churn. 5 letters for such a scary word. Churn is the bogeyman of B2B SaaS founders (“be good, or Churn will eat away your company and you’ll die!”), they have nightmares about it. If you mention a Churn higher than 5% MoM to an investor they’ll either laugh at you or run in their offices, lock the door and then slip a note from under the door saying “do NOT talk to me!”.


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MultiProduct Ads, Multiple Goal Tracking, Comment Moderation… Check out what’s new in AdEspresso

In the first two months of 2015, we’ve worked round-the-clock to make AdEspresso the best Facebook Ad Manager there is.

The team has done a great job adding so many new features to make your advertising life simpler! But being so busy fine-tuning each page of AdEspresso left us with almost no time to blog about it.

Adespresso New Features

So here I am. It’s time to take a breath and show you what we’ve been up to the last few months. You’re going to like it! [Read more…]