4 Strategies To Improve Facebook Ads Relevance Score

Facebook marketers often get caught up in thinking what the target audience thinks about their Facebook ads. Which makes sense…every marketer using these ads wants to improve and optimize what users see in their News Feeds.

Looks like Facebook has acknowledged this, which is why we have the Relevance Score. Marketers can use this new feature to test ads before they run a campaign and optimize already running campaigns. The metric is also designed to lower the cost of reaching target audiences when the objective is to get them to perform a specific action.

Score Strategies

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Facebook Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies

As an insurance company, you’re no doubt aware that the sales industry has changed dramatically.

New technology means that your prospects are no longer calling your office; they’re looking for you on your website and on Facebook. Zig Ziglar says in his book Ziglar on Selling, “The sales professional of the twenty-first century has to be capable of adapting to change and using current technology.”

Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies

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5 Google Adwords Habits You Must Kick to Succeed with Facebook Ads

It wasn’t meant to be like that:

You launched the first Facebook Ad and jumped right to Analytics – the traffic was about to start rolling.

But … there was nothing.

Each hour passing brought only a trickle of visitors.

And no sales.

What the – ?

But you already rock Adwords.

Your ads drive traffic willing to kill to hit the “buy now” button.

So why such a fail on Facebook?

I’m going to let you onto a secret:

It’s because Facebook Ads is NOT Adwords.


Moving to Facebook Ads

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5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Events

The only businesses who experience a poor ROI from Facebook Events are the ones who don’t experiment with anything outside of their comfort zones, which doesn’t yield fruitful results.

While following the standard strategy is okay, it’s not always desirable. But marketing on Facebook has reached a point where we, as marketers, are afraid to try new things and are comfortable with less.

But that doesn’t have to be the case with Facebook Events.

Facebook Events

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