The Comprehensive Guide to Building an eBook for Your Lead Magnet

eBooks are a great lead magnet. They’re comprehensive, giving your leads something tangible, beyond a simple cheatsheet or checklist, and they’re also cheaper and more likely to hit a wide audience than a webinar.

The Definitive Guide to eBook Lead Magnets

The catch is, as Max says, they have one big drawback. They can take forever to produce. If you want to sit down and write an eBook from scratch then you are going to be at your desk for a very long time.

But there is a way to build an eBook in less than 1 hour, making it comprehensive, well-produced, and exactly what is needed to drive leads to your site and product.

The trick is to use your previously published content and re-package it into a single entity, your eBook. You can then use this eBook all over the web, either on your site, other people’s sites, or on social media to capture 10,000+ emails and grow your subscriber list.

With all your content already produced, you just need to take the time to publish and package the final eBook well, then you can concentrate on marketing in the book and using it as the ultimate lead magnet.

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4 Killer Content Promotion Methods (and Tools to Automate Them)

Oh I bet you know this feeling so well.

You’ve slaved over that new piece of content. Tapped the keyboard so hard that your fingers began to bleed.

Finally, you hit publish and…

…there’s nothing.

The next few days brought just a trickle of traffic. But that breakthrough you were hoping for didn’t happen.


And all for a very simple reason – poor or even lack of promotion.

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How We Really Make Decisions (According to Research)

Note: We’re expanding the topics we’re covering on AdEspresso. From now on you can expect us talking not only about Facebook ads but also discuss other topics you are hugely interested in.

The first of them is conversion rate optimization.

And to kick it off we decided to look at some traits of human behavior to see how they affect our buying choices and how to use this knowledge in improving conversions.

Like decision making, for instance.

Because, you know, turns out we’re not that great at making decisions after all.

Make Decisions According to Research

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