4 Ways To Engage Your Audience With Visual Storytelling On Facebook

We are living in an age of News Feed overload.

In less time than it takes for you digest this sentence, the News Feed of millions of Facebook users has been updated with statuses, photos, videos, app activity… and advertisements from companies around the globe.

With an unstoppable stream of content, businesses need to work harder to really stand out and capture audience attention if they want to avoid ignorance.

Actually, you have no other option. While procrastinating their daily commitments ahead of them, your target audience on Facebook will take a moment to quickly scroll through their News Feed. Most likely, they don’t have the patience or time to go through lengthy content.

The average person’s attention span decreased to 8 seconds (from 12 seconds in 2000), which is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish, according to a research published at the beginning of last year.

So the question: How can your message break through the noise and engage people for an extended amount of time?

facebook visual storytelling

Now I don’t know about you, but the words ‘visual storytelling’ really inspire me to answer. In fact, visuals have a better chance of catching users’ attention than any other form of content, and they can tell your brand’s story in a much more dynamic way than a block of text could. [Read more…]

Facebook Ads Suicide: 6 Deadly Errors to Avoid

I wish that this post could have been based on my observation of our customers’ mistakes. It is not. It’s based on errors I myself have made over the 5 years since Advertising was launched on Facebook in 2010.

By repeatedly committing these 6 deadly sins, I’ve probably lost more than $250,000.

facebook ad suicide

Now that I’m well aware of them, I carefully steer clear of these mistakes but many other advertisers are still making them every single day. The result is millions of dollars burned each month on underperforming Facebook Ad campaigns.

Here they are in all their gory glory… Can you avoid them from now on? [Read more…]

Facebook Ads: What you missed in 2014 & what’s coming in 2015

2014 was an exciting year for marketers using Facebook Advertising — but a tough one. While lots of features have been added to get more from Facebook Ads, certain limitations were also introduced in order to curb spamming, which ruins the user experience.

Facebook Ads 2014 2015

It’s certainly been an exciting year for AdEspresso as we kept up with all these changes while simultaneously innovating and growing the business 10x in just one year. Thanks guys; we would never have got there without your support and feedback!

With 2015 just getting started, I thought it would be a good time to summarize the most significant trends of the past year as well as highlight some key lessons learned that we’ll take with us into the new year. [Read more…]

7 counterintuitive things we avoided doing to grow 10X in a year

Lots of people have been asking what it takes to grow a company 10X in a single year. With AdEspresso, we recently hit $5M in platform revenue, up from just $500k twelve months ago, so I can tell you something about it.


The main learning so far is that -yes- it’s about what you did to go from here to there, but -even more importantly- it’s about what you didn’t do. Sounds weird, huh? Still, that has been very much the case for us, as well as for many founders that were able to get the initial product-market fit. So, hoping it can be helpful to you as well, here’s the quick and dirty on things you may think you want to do, but probably may need to avoid.

[Read more…]

Scale your Teespring Business with Facebook Ads & AdEspresso

There are two things you need to know about Teespring. First, they’ve built an amazing platform that allows anyone to design and sell t-shirts. Second, selling Teespring tees through Facebook ads is a match made in heaven. They just sell amazingly well, and the process translates to ridiculously low costs to acquire customers.

TeeSpring + AdEspresso Facebook AdsThat’s why we’ve worked with Teespring’s awesome team over the last month and we recently announced a strategic partnership with them to allow Teespring sellers to optimize their Facebook Ads with AdEspresso. And in today’s post, I’m gonna go through all the best strategies to successfully make money selling Teespring shirts with Facebook Ads. [Read more…]

8 Ways To Improve CTA For Facebook Ads

The number of Facebook ads created every day is absurd. Let’s just say it exceeds the ads created on all other social networks and be done with it.

Maybe that’s reality and maybe it isn’t: the point is that the budget spent by marketers on Facebook advertisements is overwhelming.

The conventional tip is to concentrate on the design of a Facebook ad – marketers expect to rise above the noise once they occupy that ground. That used to be true when the social network was new and unrivaled. Today, following this tactic will just make you another contributor to the landfill.

8 ways to improve CTA for Facebook Ads

But you can do better than that by focusing on Facebook Ad CTA (Call-to-Action). [Read more…]

Buying Facebook Likes Suck, Here’s The Data To Prove It!

I get it, believe me, I perfectly get it and I’ve been in your position before: Your customer or boss woke up yesterday and discovered that your competitor’s Facebook page has more likes than you do and now wants you to overcome this, on a tight budget. Quickly!

You don’t want to look lame with only few hundreds likes while your competitor has thousands. So you give in to temptation and even if, likely, you know or feel it’s wrong, you buy likes.

Buy Facebook Likes

Not acquire, but simply buy. Few hours later, with 0 effort and an expense of few dollars you’ve beaten your competitor and can now brag about more likes than him…Case closed.

After all, it’s very easy to give in to temptation. If a couple of years ago 90% of the spam I received was about Viagra, nowadays my spam folder is full of people trying to sell me black market likes.

Yep, looks like Likes are the new Viagra… [Read more…]

Facebook Marketing For The Holiday Season: 10 Things To Implement Now!

You’ve probably heard how important Facebook marketing is for your business near the holiday season, but do you know how it can specifically increase revenue and drive higher profits?

Xmas Holiday Season 10 tips

You don’t want to be that marketer who brags so incessantly that fans start taking different routes to avoid you. But you also don’t want to miss out an opportunity during the time when people are more than willing to shell out money to buy gifts and donate to charitable causes. [Read more…]

Secret Groups: Are You Overlooking This Cornerstone of Facebook Marketing?

What I’m about to tell you will change your Facebook marketing tactics forever.

Are you ready? Great. Let’s get started.

Secret Groups

One of the most overlooked features in Facebook is the Secret Group. So, the secret isn’t a secret anymore, eh? It’s about time you explore the nooks and crannies of Groups for easy collaboration, cultivating relationships, personal development and ‘soft’ marketing in private to your:

• Audience and readers (for authors, writers, bloggers, etc.)
• Followers (for influencers)
• Customers (for B2B or B2C companies) [Read more…]

5 Data-Driven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes Analyzed

Having your Facebook business Page resemble a ghost town sucks, doesn’t it?

So when it comes to generating a buzz on your Facebook Page, there is palpable pressure and stress to get more Facebook Likes.

Yet, nowadays you can get more Facebook Likes pretty easily, even on tight budgets! We’ve tested 5 of the most effective ways to get more Facebook Likes with advertising in a real world scenario and, in this post, we’ll analyze how you can use each one of them to grow your Facebook Page.

Get More Facebook Likes [Read more…]