8 Killer Resources You MUST Read on Custom Audiences

Facebook has proven its worth to advertisers over and over. From allowing you to create any sort of ad for any sort of audience to stepping things up a notch with Facebook Ads Bidding, the social network has provided a virtual goldmine for marketers. Now, with its new Custom Audiences features, Facebook has done it again.

Custom Audiences Resources

If you’re unfamiliar, Custom Audiences are a new way for marketers to target their Facebook Ads. Essentially, you can target ads with a list of email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook user IDs. This functionality means that the opportunities for precisely targeting potential customers are basically endless. You’re no longer limited to hard-guessing your advertising targets by gender or vague interests. Instead, you can target a very precise niche of highly-targeted users.

Because Custom Audiences require a certain level of skill and finesse — especially when you incorporate elements such as email or external networks like LinkedIn — we’ve put together eight killer resources that will help you to reach new Custom Audience levels. Check them out below!.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences

2. Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ads Custom Audiences

3. How to Use Facebook Website Custom Audiences

4. How to Target Facebook Ads to Your Linkedin Network

5. 4 Creative Ways to Target Your Email List with Facebook Custom Audiences

6. 10 Creative (and Sneaky) Ways To Use Facebook Custom Audiences

7. Improving Retention With Facebook Custom Audiences

8. How to Target Your Email Subscribers with Facebook Ads

What did we miss? Post your killer Custom Audience resources in the comments below!

11 Tips to Run a Successful (and Legal) Facebook Contest

Are you breaking Facebook law?

Don’t get scared. While Facebook “law” isn’t technically a real thing, you may be breaking the rules when it comes to running a Facebook contest. You’re probably not doing it on purpose, either. Chances are, you’re using tactics which you believe will bring in the most participants, as well as optimal engagement. However, according to a new infographic featured on All Facebook, you may be missing the mark completely.

Facebook Contest

Like any company, Facebook has rules when it comes to running a contest through their platform. So, what are some ways to run a successful, and legal, Facebook contest? Read on to uncover some simple tips!

1. Map out your Facebook contest- Clearly, it’s important to map out your Facebook contest. What do you want the outcomes to be? How can people enter? What will they gain as a result of their participation? By mapping out your contest thoroughly, you’ll have a better chance at staying on track.

2. Use a management systems- Management platforms, such as AgoraPulse and Shortstack, make the contest process as easy as possible by providing capabilities like analytics and tracking. They also help you comply to Facebook’s Terms of Services.

3. Host your promotion in multiple (approved) places- It’s OK to host your promotion on a custom Facebook Page app or on your Page’s timeline. It’s not OK to do so on your personal Facebook profile.

4. Advertise- This one is a given. Advertising your contest on Facebook not only gives it more exposure, it can also bring in new and loyal followers for the future (using an advertising management platform like AdEspresso, wouldn’t hurt either!)

5. Give followers an easy way to act – Allow your audience to enter your contest in the easiest way possible, such as liking a post, commenting on an update, clicking on an ad to learn about the contest, posting on your Page, or liking a Page to access an entry form. Methods such as asking users to share your Page or like multiple Pages are not allowed.

6. Provide participation incentives- Everyone likes an incentive! Whether it’s a prize at the end of the contest or a social shoutout along the way, giving your audience a reason to enter your contest may be the push they need to actually participate.

7. Include the official rules, terms, and eligibility information – Even if your official rules are long and full of legal speak, it’s important to include them in your contest so participants know exactly how to enter or how they can win the contest. If you don’t do this, you may run into problems, such as multiple winners (when you weren’t expecting them).

In addition, part of the official rules comes terms and eligibility information. For example, the user should be a certain age or resident of your city or country to be eligible to win.    

8. Comply with regional laws- While the Internet may seem like a country of its own, you still have to follow the rules of your region. For example, offering an unlimited supply of beer to a 15-year old in the U.S. is not only illegal, it’s also pretty irresponsible.

9. Acknowledge that the contest isn’t sponsored by Facebook – This one is very important. Although Facebook is “hosting” the contest, you must note that it is not endorsed or sponsored by them. Going the opposite direction could land you in some hot legal trouble.

10. Send emails to contest winners- While it’s in good taste to announce winners on your Facebook Page, you should still email contest winners. This gives them multiple chances to find out they’ve won.   

11. Always evaluate- No matter if your contest was successful or not, always evaluate the results. This will allow you to do better the second time around, whether you advertise more or give followers alternative ways to act.

While running a Facebook contest may seem intimidating, they can be highly beneficial if you stick to the rules. Let me know how you run an effective Facebook contest in the comments below!

Don’t Be an Idiot! Be an Early Mover Marketer in 6 Steps

I’m sorry, I might have exaggerated. I’m sure you’re not an idiot. But, since you’re reading this, the catchy title worked, didn’t it?

Facebook Ads Innovator

Actually, this post should have been titled something along the lines of “The advantages of being an early adopter in advertising,” but then someone made me change my mind, summarizing in a few words the core idea of this post. It was Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. [Read more...]

Be a Better Marketer With The New Twitter Analytics

Similarly to Facebook, Twitter has allowed advertisers to reach target audiences, streamline communication, and create a brand name in a simple yet beneficial way. Now, however, understanding how you’re doing as an advertiser on Twitter has gotten even easier: Enter the new Twitter analytics.

twitter analytics 1

First introduced last week, you will now be able to see how many times users have viewed and engaged with organic tweets — in this sense, an organic tweet is a tweet that is promoted or advertised to a specific audience, such as students living in New York City. [Read more...]

Facebook Ads Bidding 101: Everything You Need to Know (…supported by data)

When it comes to crafting the perfect advertising campaign, everyone always focuses the attention on a stunning ads design or selecting the perfect targeting audience. Very few people take in account another critical factor: The bidding strategy.

Bidding dude

What’s the point of a great ad or of a carefully selected audience if you’re then screwing everything up with the wrong bidding strategy? You may end up either paying too much for your campaign or reaching a small portion of your potential reach. We’ve already discussed basic bidding strategies in our guides but it’s now time for a more in-depth analysis. Let’s get back to the drawing board and study Facebook Ads Bidding. [Read more...]

15 Places to Find Free Pictures for Facebook

When you’re at a restaurant, you eat with your eyes first, meaning that the appearance of your meal can heavily influence your experience. The same goes for your Facebook Page. How it looks, and the images within it, can attract or deter your followers. But, where do you find these awesome pictures? And how can you avoid any legal or costly results that may come from nabbing pictures off the Web?

Free Pictures

The trick is to use and subscribe to free photo services. Some of them have taken the legal equation into account and have filtered photos by license. Others allow you to search through category. More importantly, they offer free pictures for Facebook — and the majority are even simple to use. [Read more...]

Want $1M? Here’s how we did – anatomy of an AngelList fundraising


Raising your first round can be a huge challenge. I know something about it, I was involved in raising $2.5M+ for two different companies with chunks anywhere between $5k and $250k. Now, if you’re an experienced founder with an established network, you probably don’t need any of this. But if you are instead a first time founder or an international founder coming to the US, there is a strategy that worked pretty well in my experience. I wrote the email below to the internal 500Startups’ Network a few months ago, in response to a founder asking for suggestions. It’s my secret sauce, also because we initially had the same challenge. Since then, I realized I spoke about this a dozen times, so maybe -just maybe- it’s worth sharing. Here goes the inside scoop:

[Read more...]

How to Find Great Ideas to Target Your Facebook Ads by Interests

One of the most efficient ways to target your Facebook Ads and achieve great results is through interest targeting. If you’re not familiar, interest targeting allows you to define the perfect audience through numerous factors, such as interests, hobbies, Pages liked, etc. According to Facebook, these can stem from listed interests, activities, groups, education, job titles, etc. For instance, if you were a fashion designer, you’d likely target your ads to things your audience is into, such as shopping, clothing, or jewelry.

Target Ideas

Yet, finding the right interests to target is not an easy task. Once you’ve tested some broad interests specific to your market and maybe — when you’re lucky enough to have them available — your competitors, it gets really tough to expand your target. [Read more...]

How to Target Facebook Ads to Your Linkedin Network

At AdEspresso, we clearly have a preference towards Facebook and everything it can do to help you reach your target audience. However, there are other social networks which can help you to optimize your Facebook advertising efforts — namely, LinkedIn.


The best part about LinkedIn is the fact that it’s a little more personal than other social networks. That is, you probably have many connections in your LinkedIn network that you know and trust on a different, more professional level. However, you’re probably not on top of their minds when it comes to a product you’re selling. But, because you’re a trusted member of their network, a warm lead with a small reminder here and there may turn into a conversion. That small reminder comes in the form of Facebook Ads. [Read more...]

Is Facebook’s Organic Reach Crisis an Actual Crisis?

The decrease in organic reach is definitely a hot topic in the Facebook world. Many social media marketers are talking about it and they’re typically pretty angry at Facebook, accusing them of decreasing reach to sell more ads. Dubbed by many as an organic reach crisis, Facebook has once again become the evil villain in the quest to connect users to each other, no matter what sort of business you may have.

Reach Crisis

However, is it all true? Is the organic reach crisis an actual crisis or is there more to the story? Let’s clear up a few myths: [Read more...]