Marketing Budget Allocation Tips for Companies of All Sizes

I was recently speaking with the owner of a new company about his business plan and marketing budget allocation.

He wants to hit the ground running and as such has allocated a $1 million dollar ad budget for the first year, that comes out to a total monthly budget of around $83,000. Of course not every new business owner is lucky enough to have the working capital to launch with such a sizable budget, but when your budget is that large, how do you spend it?

The honest truth is that whether your monthly advertising budget is $1,000, $10,000 or $1 million dollars you have to go through the same thought process for determining how to spend your dollars.

Today I’m going to share with you what you need to do.

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How to Use Instagram to Improve Facebook Marketing

Instagram offers a great deal of merit on its own as a marketing platform, and businesses are starting to pay attention. That being said, when combined with Facebook, the impact of Instagram’s marketing can be increased, and it’s very easy to use Instagram to improve Facebook marketing.

To make it even easier than it already is to get started on Instagram and promoting both your business and your Facebook, we’ve got 6 easy tips on how you can use Instagram to improve Facebook marketing results on your Page.

The first step, naturally, is to syndicate Instagram to post directly onto your business’s Page, bringing vibrant, enticing images right to your users. Here’s how…

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How to Use Facebook to Improve Your Content Marketing

We’re always talking about all the ways Facebook and Facebook Ads can help you and your business expand, and there are a lot of them. The one we’ll focus on here is how to use Facebook to improve content marketing results.

Content marketing is a great resource when you’re looking to promote your business. It can help build your presence and your reputation online, all while being comparatively cost-efficient (in some cases, it’s even close to free).

This post is going to go over the actions you can take on Facebook that will improve your content marketing results, both on Facebook and off of it.

Improve Content Marketing

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