Regular or 360°? Both! Our Top 29 Amazing Facebook Video Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook’s video ads are a powerful marketing tool.

Forbes reported in November of 2015 that video had the most reach out of any post on the network, and Fortune reported that Facebook users watch about four billion video streams a day.

360° video came right on the heels of this regular video boom. From comparisons to virtual reality to early adoption by big brands, 360° emerged as a challenger to the supremacy of video ads.

But luckily, you don’t have to choose between regular or 360° video ads — you can harness the power of both.

With Facebook advertising bigger than ever on mobile, and more time spent consuming video than ever before, here are 30 amazing video ads to inspire you to kick off with one, the other, or both.

1. LG G5 Phone release

To launch their flagship smartphone, LG made a short video ad that references the video features of their phone. From a detachable camera grip to two lenses on the back of the phone — on a wide angle — the video emphasizes some of the best features of the device.

The framing of the video is square, and perfect for mobile. Better yet, with no sound, but an eye-catching blue background, viewers are drawn to the ad on their newsfeed without having to work to get the message — that this phone’s photos pack a punch.

When using regular video for your ad, make a bold statement by showing versus telling. This highlights the caliber of your product and allows you to stand out from your competitors.

2. Love Has No Labels

The AdCouncil tapped into our emotions with their Love Has No Labels campaign, which has been viewed over a million times. Showing people presenting themselves to a welcoming crowd from behind an x-ray screen, the videos emphasize accepting diverse examples of love and community.

One great feature of this campaign was the number of different versions that the AdCouncil released. Although they all take the same format, viewers could catch different couples and families, keeping the campaign fresh for retargeting efforts.

Use videos to elicit an emotional response and get audiences to respond or react to your message. It’ll be memorable and if done correctly, leave a positive lasting impression.

3. Volvo

This clever Volvo ad takes the viewer on a “Thumb Drive” through San Francisco while highlighting the advanced safety features of the XC60.

Perfectly optimized for mobile, the square aspect ratio keeps graphics looking good on the phone. Putting a thumbprint on the screen allows viewers to “drive” on the streets, which is a great way to enliven a video and invite the viewer to interact.

This campaign uses text boxes and graphics to emphasize the safety of Volvos — a trick that captures viewers’ interest and represents the hallmark of the brand.

Whether using regular video or the newer 360° video, the right mix of graphic elements allow your ad to stand out in the minds of your audience. Use clever graphics that relate to your brand, like Volvo did with bold text boxes.

4. Red Bull

Known for their sponsorship of extreme athletes, Red Bull does not disappoint in this ad featuring a race between two Norwegians — rally car driver Andreas Mikkelsen and skier Askel Lund Svindal.

With stunning scenery and quick cuts between the car and skier, this video quickly captures interest as it starts to play. Turning on the sound surrounds the viewer with high-octane music to fit the adrenaline of the race.

Red Bull plays perfectly into its brand identity here while mixing in star power and visually appealing elements — and to great success, with over 800,000 views.

By exaggerating the comparison between two vastly different variables, brands can amplify the energy and excitement associated with their products. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold ways to reaffirm what your product can do for the audience.

5. Chevrolet Canada

Chevrolet Canada uses 360° to pull at viewers heartstrings in this ad that features Denna Laing, a former professional hockey player. Denna suffered a career-ending spinal injury but has shared her overwhelmingly positive spirit since her injury.

This ad launched at the beginning of January and shares Denna’s incredible drive by announcing a partnership between her and the company to help her support her goal of competing as a rower. The video uses 360° to help you take in Denna’s world, and also puts you in Denna’s shoes as she experiences racing on the water through a VR headset.

This is a great example of building goodwill for Chevrolet and being innovative with 360° view. Use this technique to draw audiences closer to your brand, make the curious and draw them in. In essence, they can experience, virtually, the value you provide.

6. Game of Thrones

In a bid to hype up fans for the much-anticipated sixth season of Game of Thrones, the opening titles for Game of Thrones were re-rendered to be viewable in 360 degrees on Facebook. This was a great way to appeal to fans of the show by giving them a new experience with a familiar sequence.

Thanks to the insatiable fanbase and the novelty of the rendering, this video had over 14 million views. No wonder — who can resist the haunting theme song and interactive graphics.

Consider putting a slightly new spin on a familiar, but successful, ad. You’ve already got users attention so impress them with something unexpected but true to your brand.

7. Samsung Gulf

Samsung launched their #BeFearless campaign to help people overcome the two most common fears: heights and public speaking.

Though this VR-simulation video, they invited people to see what it felt like to look at the dizzying vistas from Auckland’s SkyTower, even watching people taking part in the SkyJump experience. They overlaid inspirational messages onto the ground below to promote the experience of overcoming your fears with Samsungs products and training.

We love that this video runs as a part of a huge campaign — a great use of 360° video as one tool in a savvy marketer’s toolbox.

Empower your audience by showing them that you not only understand them but have the tools to help them succeed. What better way to do that than to use a video ad that shows, rather than tells, what you can do for them.

8. Kerrygold

In this video ad, Irish dairy co-op Kerrygold adapts a scene from their popular television ad campaign, to the tune of 100,000 views. They take the tagline, “Love at first bite,” and use video looping to show two school kids smiling at each other endlessly.

It’s a sweet video that shows how easy it is to tailor existing content to the Facebook format, especially when you’ve got something as cute as this commercial.

Increasingly, audiences are consuming ads on mobile devices. It’s important to adapt your ads to work well with this to expand your reach. You can take existing content and breathe new life into it by applying it to new platforms.

9. Star Wars

In the run-up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, an exclusive, 360° video was released on Facebook and viewed over 7.8 million times.

The video lets users ride through Jakku on a ship through sand and debris. It perfectly captures the essence of the planet, and pulls you into the Star Wars universe like never before.

Even those who aren’t hardcore Star Wars fans can enjoy the beautiful graphics and feeling of being swept through the landscape on a futuristic ship. It is a great launch teaser because it generates excitement without overworking other parts of the film’s release, like theatrical trailers.

Your ads should appeal to a wide audience by highlighting shared traits. Rather than overwhelm them with product information, focus on their experience while viewing your ad. Make it enjoyable and interactive and let it speak for your brand.

10. Nescafé

This 360° experience shows people rocking out and getting ready to greet the day with Nescafé. The super catchy theme song has you nodding your head along, and each scene features a breakfast from around the world. This ad easily translates to any viewer from any country: the happy families starting their day and the bright colors really make it a fun take on the 360° feature.

Let your video speak for itself. Notice there are very few words used throughout the video. When planning your next ad campaign, focus more on using strong visuals that speak to the value of your brand.

11. Walt Disney World

If you didn’t already want to go to Walt Disney World, you will after this ad. They pack the highlights of the Disney World experience into three short minutes that have been viewed a whopping 8 million times.

Giving a 360° feature really makes you feel like you’re on an exciting vacation, taking you on rides and encouraging you to take in all the splendors of the park. And if you’ve already visited Walt Disney World, this tour is a great blast from the past that definitely outdoes any pictures and video you took on your own trip — no offense, amateur photographers!

What better way to show your audience what you can do for them than bringing them into your world. 360° is a great option for this type of ad because it serves to ramp up audience excitement which is exactly what you want. Again, show versus simply telling.

12. Urbanears Limited Sweat Edition

In a humorous advertisement for their washable headphones, Urbanears filmed athletes sweating all over their headphones before packaging them up “to be sold.”

The opening of the ad draws heavily from athletic company advertisements, showing a montage of people working out hard — this is a clever way to draw in their perfect customers for their “active” headphones. We can only imagine that they targeted Facebook users who have liked active brands to maximize the potential of this great ad.

When it’s appropriate, your ads should be fun and show the lighter side of your brand. You have a great product to advertise so use a video that audiences can relate to, in the is case fitness, and present it in a way that resonates with potential customers.

13. Coca-Cola

Taking advantage of Facebook’s release of reactions, Coca-Cola made a short, looping video that was a playful twist on a smiley face. The charm and cuteness of the #Cokemoji is a fun way to keep Coca-Cola on people’s minds without spending the effort to create a full-scale ad campaign.

Instead, this video was the perfect response to a new feature — lighthearted and topical, with an incredible 1.4 million views.

For a unique approach to your ads, have fun with visual relationships. Find two or more common elements and combine them to form something new. To work, each element has to be fairly common, like the smiley face emoji and Coco-Cola bottles.

14. GoPro

This awe-inspiring 360° video features pro surfers Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet hitting the waves in Tahiti.

This video is perfectly on-brand for GoPro, the portable video camera that carries the tagline Be a HERO. Although it would’ve been an incredible ad without the 360 angle, being able to immerse yourself in the water and the waves make you want to watch this video all the way through — maybe even more than once.

It’s gotten over 6 million views, and it’s not hard to see why. Everyone would love to be able to experience the beauty and thrill of surfing, and GoPro lets you do that without leaving your couch.

Use 360° videos to draw your audience in and excite them. If you have an interactive product, this type of video acts a little like a test drive for them.

15. Nike

This minimalist ad speaks powerfully about the distractions of modern life and encourages people to toss away their screens and go for a run.

In Nike’s signature font, single words flash in front of the viewer to tell the story of how much time we spend looking at screens, reading comments, and watching TV. Although there is a voiceover that reads the story aloud, the text-only nature of the video makes it well suited to Facebook, where videos are often viewed without sound.

Keep your ads simple so that words and graphics don’t distract from your message.

16. Chipotle

This stop-motion video by Chipotle is a cute way to encourage customers to make Chipotle part of their football game day. Perfectly formatted for mobile, the ad shows someone fashioning goal posts out of a foil burrito wrapper and making a “kick” with a chip.

Again, this is a short and lighthearted video that can be viewed without sound — the best thing to put in front of busy mobile scrollers, especially if they’ve hit that all-important “like” button for their favorite NFL or college football team. Chipotle can definitely call this ad a touchdown.

Use ads that cater to your target audience by tapping into their loyalties and the things they love — like pro sports or family.

17. Lenovo

As a part of their #IHackedLife campaign, Lenovo came out with minimalist ads that give viewers valuable “life hacks” — like the one below, which suggests using coffee ice cubes to keep iced coffee from getting watered down.

The bold blue of the background and call to action at the end of the video encourages viewers to hashtag their own life hacks, making this a compelling part of their campaign. Inviting customers to join the conversation can really engage them with your brand.

Sometimes simplicity is better, and these short, uncluttered videos from Lenovo are a case in point.

18. Uniqlo

This gorgeous, slow-motion Facebook ad by Uniqlo asks the viewer to reflect on why we dress the way we do. From the opening, “Why do you get dressed?”, Uniqlo hooks the viewer and keeps them engaged in the narrative of the ad.

The cinematography in this short video is also some pretty impressive work, as we see different people moving slowly through busy city life and wonder why each of them is dressed how they are. Packing such good directing into a short video is hard, but it definitely paid off for Uniqlo, as the campaign has 1.4 million views.

If your ads can give people a new perspective on the world around them, you’re sure to capture their interest. Whether that’s an intriguing question, like Uniqlo’s, or a recipe, show how you can bring a new dimension to customer’s lives.

19. Honda

This festive, family-friendly Honda ad is more of an experience than anything else. Immersing the viewer in a 360° virtual “candy cane lane,” Honda lets the viewer take in seasonal decorations while driving though a cozy neighborhood.

With its whimsical music and overload of bright lights, it’s easy to imagine a kid looking around the scene with wonder. This delicate slice of the season is definitely enjoyable in a sea of hectic “get it before the holidays!” ads.

This type of ad is all about putting a new spin on something. Show people what you can offer them from a new perspective. With this, Honda shows it’s lighter side and doesn’t focus on it’s car features.

20. McDonalds

What do a stack of pancakes and a jet skier have in common? Well, in this McDonald’s video ad they both swirl tantalizingly before the viewer. Though just 15 seconds with no sound, the video is captivating and blends the spirit of the summer season with McDonald’s breakfast.

We love how simple this ad is, and how it grabs the viewer with its hypnotizing spirals.

Again, if you want to leave a lasting impression with your ad, tap into your audience’s emotions. You don’t need a lot of words or graphics to induce a reaction. Whatever the emotion you’re going for, use visuals that speak to that emotion and relate to your brand.

21. T-Mobile

This short T-Mobile video attained over 2.8 million views over three days in January 2017— and it’s no wonder why.

As part of their ad campaign Share your #FeeFace, T-Mobile encourages Facebook users to post photos of their #FeeFace in the hope of winning prizes. Bringing together a campaign, a reward, and a call for user engagement in one video was clearly a recipe for success. Besides, who doesn’t want to share one of those unflattering selfies we all have on our phones?

While it’s not always necessary, including a call to action within your ad will urge viewers to move beyond just viewing your ad to doing something about it. In fact, adding in what audiences stand to get out of it is a great way to encourage responses.

22. Los Angeles Chargers

To promote the San Diego Chargers’ move to Los Angeles, the NFL team hyped up their new home with a breathtaking 360° video of a sky-diver jumping into the stadium. From the sound of wind whipping around the camera to the spectacular aerial view, it’s an immersive experience.

Although pro sports teams changing locations can be a dicey topic, the Chargers avoided any negative feelings by giving viewers a pure adrenaline rush.

For the purposes of drawing in your viewers, 360° video is a great tool to use. Use it to introduce audiences to something new in a way that they can viscerally feel.

23. Netflix

To promote their sci-fi series Stranger Things, Netflix reproduced the Byers family’s creepy house in a 360-degree video for viewers. Much like the interactive Game of Thrones theme, this is a fresh take on how to get viewers inside their favorite shows.

With the tagline, “Do you have the guts to experience Stranger Things in 360 videos?”, they dare viewers to take the plunge and interact with the video — a clever dare sure to entice fans of suspense and horror.

Use your ads to engage your target audience and current customers by putting a new spin on your product. Peek their curiosity by asking questions or telling your story in a new way, something they haven’t heard before.

24. Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA

What better way to promote your animal welfare organization than to create a 360° video of a room of kittens? If you find one, let us know — this video has 6 million views and is probably the cutest thing you’ll see this week.

Bottom line: we would donate to help that room full of kittens, and you probably would too. Combining a call to action with an emotional response is a surefire way to get noticed.

25. Liverpool FC

If you’ve ever been inside a stadium with thousands of fans rooting for your team, you know what an incredible experience that is, and this ad captures that perfectly. Their caption tells the viewer, “turn up your sound,” and when you do, you’re immediately transported field side.

Tugging on the heartstrings of their supports gives this video a swell of emotion that digs into the heart of a fan’s experience in Liverpool’s stadium. Short of a championship montage, this might be as emotional as it gets for sports fans, at least according to the people that have combined to give the video 8 million views.

Whatever your niche, create ads that they can instantly relate to. What are their interests? How do they use your product? Use this information to build a campaign that speaks to them.

26. Microsoft

This brilliant ad from Microsoft takes you on a tour of the world’s quietest space: an audio testing chamber in their facility. As you’re shown around, you’re encouraged to take a look at the room, just as if you were actually in the facility.

When looking around, facts will appear that line up with your tour of the space. There are even some audio experiments to show you just how unique of a place it is.

Use your ads to make customers feel welcome in your private company space; this creates a sense of inclusiveness for the viewer — Microsoft is bringing you through the facility like an honored guest.

Although this tour isn’t aligned with a specific Microsoft product, the experience of watching through this video is sure to leave an impression. It’s been shared over 11,000 times.

27. Pepsi

Pepsi taps into NFL player Odell Beckham Jr’s star power by starting their video with a graphic of him telling users to “slow their scroll” to watch. As the ad opens, we are thrown into a completely different scenario, Odell nowhere to be seen, only to have him come back at the end of the ad in a funny twist.

Piquing the viewer’s curiosity and playing to their love of athletes and other celebrities is always a great way to kick things off. But even if you can’t afford to have Odell Beckham Jr star in your commercial, there are plenty of recognizable, cute, or funny things to use to tell people to stop and watch.

28. Nest

Remember when we loved this humorous billboard campaign from Nest? Well, their videos don’t disappoint either. Although it’s just 7 seconds, this video really captures the hilarity of the holidays when a fully decorated tree falls right as a man in PJs ambles into the room, picking up speed as he sees the tree go down.

Again, Nest maintains a positive focus on the “everyday mayhem” that can be captured by your home security system, rather than using fear to make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Especially around the holidays; it’s the right call.

Add creativity to your ads by saying the same thing in a new way. Just like security ads doesn’t have to be scary, put a fun twist on a familiar topic. Get audiences to see them differently while still being able to appreciate the value in what you offer.

29. IKEA

Just in time for people to move into their dorm rooms for the first time, IKEA put out this video of a dorm room that was completely outfitted with their furniture and accessories. You can use the 360 view to take in the whole scene and be in awe of how to put together a tiny college dorm can look.

Although it’s a short, simple video, it is perfect for students who are getting excited about decorating their space and are looking for a little dorm inspiration. Another good example of how to take advantage of big life events in your advertising.

Again, simple ads are great. Simple visuals are all your ads need to show audiences what your offer. Create something with enough details to make them stop and linger for a minute. The longer you can get them to interact with your ad, the better.

Best of both worlds

The possibilities of 360 and mobile formatted video are pretty huge, and so applying these trends to your customer’s Facebook feeds is a great way to get your brand on their minds.

So, what do you think? Is there any amazing video or 360° ads that we missed?