The “Frequency Sweetspot”: Making your Facebook Ads Sell

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We’ve previousy talked about the importance of click-throughs, and how to stop their decline by adjusting the frequency of your Facebook ads. We discussed how showing your Facebook ads at the right frequency to the right target audience can help optimize your Facebook ads.

Now the latest study by Facebook and Datalogix (an in-store purchase tracker) has shown us that Facebook ad frequency is highly important for Facebook advertisers trying to generate in-store sales. While CTR is still a relevant part of Facebook ad optimization, the focus of Facebook advertising for offline products should be on the number of people the ad reaches, or the exposure of the ad. Think about it: if brands are adversting products like cars, cleaning supplies, and cups of coffee-people don’t buy those things online. There is no direct link between them clicking on a Facebook ad and whether or not they’ll actually go out and buy these things in a store, car dealership, coffeeshop, etc. Datalogix saw that an overwhelming number of sales, 99% to be specific, were by people who saw an ad online, but did not click on the ad itself.

brad smallwood facebookFacebook’s Head of Measurements and Insights, Brad Smallwood, said that brands must find their “frequency sweetspot”, which is the optimization of an ad’s frequency. In other words, to advertise successfully on Facebook a brand must make sure more people have exposure to their ad and at just the right frequency: don’t show the ad too much that it gets annoying, but don’t show it too little that it’s forgettable. Each brand has its own individual “frequency sweetspot”, and it’s not a “one size fits all” process to find it. It depends on the product or service: for example, is it something already well-known by consumers or is it something new that needs to get information and details out to customers? The “sweetspot” is just the right amount of information presented to the right people, at the right frequency. Finding this “sweetspot” will make your Facebook ads more lucrative and increase ROI, that’s why you should always check tour Facebook Ads Frequency!

Facebook and Datalogix’s study has highlighted the need for a tool that can help brands find that frequency “sweetspot” while getting Facebook ads out to large audiences and testing the effectiveness in a simple, yet efficient way. Right now Facebook only measures the frequency of an ad seen by a certain audience, but it does not give out this type of guidance just discussed. This study and Datalogix’s ability to study the connection between in-store purchase and Facebook advertising is important for every advertiser to take note of!

Update: We’ve released an updated post on Facebook Ads frequency with more than 500 campaigns analyzed to provide you real world data on how the Frequency impact your campaigns’ performance!

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  1. says

    Thx for the article on Frequency. You made this statement…

    you should always check tour Facebook Ads Frequency!

    But I did not see the explanation on HOW to check it?

    I looked within insights but do not see it.

    How do I check it?

    Thx much

    • Massimo Chieruzzi says

      Hi Austin,
      You can check the frequency of your ads both from AdEspresso campaign’s dashboard and Facebook’s Ads Manager !

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