How to Find Great Ideas to Target Your Facebook Ads by Interests

One of the most efficient ways to target your Facebook Ads and achieve great results is through interest targeting. If you’re not familiar, interest targeting allows you to define the perfect audience through numerous factors, such as interests, hobbies, Pages liked, etc. According to Facebook, these can stem from listed interests, activities, groups, education, job titles, etc. For instance, if you were a fashion designer, you’d likely target your ads to things your audience is into, such as shopping, clothing, or jewelry.

Yet, finding the right interests to target is not an easy task. Once you’ve tested some broad interests specific to your market and maybe — when you’re lucky enough to have them available — your competitors, it gets really tough to expand your target.

However, two of the best tools to understand your target are right under your nose: Facebook Graph Search and Facebook Pages to Watch. Let’s have quick overview of each tool, as well as how they can help you to find the best interests for your ad strategy.

Facebook Graph Search

You’ve likely used it in the past for one reason or another, but Facebook Graph Search can be a great way for you to target your ads by interest by finding out what your audience is into.

For example, you can check out the Pages that are liked by those who’ve already liked your product or service. From there you can gauge what music they like, activities they are interested in, colleges they went to, or publications they read.

You can take this even further. Graph Search allows you to filter results by more than one qualifier. So, you can not only learn who’s reading Mashable, but simultaneously who’s also interested in TechCrunch, aged 25 or younger, and has a degree in engineering. This allows you to really tailor your advertisements by interests, hobby, or educational background, as opposed to some preconceived notions or dated research.

Facebook Graph Search doesn’t just stop at Pages liked, though. You can also check out what groups or generic interests people are associated with, adding qualifiers to each query. For example, “Groups of people who like Lollapalooza” allow you to see what circles people are in, as well as how they interact within them. You may also search “Interests of people who like Lollapalooza” to find their common, broader interests. Again, using Graph Search gives you the opportunity to see what people’s passions are and how you can tailor your ads to the interests of your target market.

Facebook Pages to Watch

For the Facebook Page Administrator, life has never been easier, especially with Facebook Pages to Watch. According to All Facebook, Pages to Watch essentially allows Page Administrators to choose up to five pages they did not manage and track likes, engagement, as well as other high level analytics.

How does can this help you to target by interest, though? First, by accessing this feature under your Page’s Insights tab, Facebook will suggest other Pages to monitor. Why do you think it’s picking those pages? Because Facebook has analyzed both your fans and your competitors and found big similarities!

In the same way you can use Graph Search to check out the interests, hobbies, or background of your audience, you can also use Facebook Pages to Watch to see what the competition is doing, particularly when they get a spike in likes or engagement. You can also target your Facebook Ads to the audience of your competitors, tailoring your content to what they’re interested in, how they communicate, what trends they’re talking about, etc. While Facebook Pages to Watch is a great launching pad, using the information to really hone your ad strategy is where you can really find success.

Targeting your Facebook Ads by interest is a great way to find new fans, engage old ones, and maintain an awesome competitive edge. Let me know how you target your Facebook Ads by interest in the comments below!