8 Ways To Improve CTA For Facebook Ads

The number of Facebook ads created every day is absurd. Let’s just say it exceeds the ads created on all other social networks and be done with it.

Maybe that’s reality and maybe it isn’t: the point is that the budget spent by marketers on Facebook advertisements is overwhelming.

The conventional tip is to concentrate on the design of a Facebook ad – marketers expect to rise above the noise once they occupy that ground. That used to be true when the social network was new and unrivaled. Today, following this tactic will just make you another contributor to the landfill.

But you can do better than that by focusing on Facebook Ad CTA (Call-to-Action).

The CTA is the ‘title’ text you see in blue color at the top of a Facebook ad, and it’s one of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing. While having a good design will draw attention to your advertisement, the CTA is what will increase conversions and convince people to click and take action.

Remember that users get to see multiple advertisements in a day from 1.5 million advertisers trying to grab their attention, so your CTA needs to stand out to stop people dead in their tracks and increase your clickthrough rate above the reported average of .05 percent.

So how do you improve your CTA for Facebook Ads? Here are 8 ways to go about it:

1. Offer something ‘Free’

Facebook users love to receive offers, so if you want their attention, then offer them something they don’t have to pay for. This could be a coupon, a movie ticket, a gift card, a product sample, and just about anything that you can use the word ‘Free’ with.

You can either use the ‘Free’ word alone with an offer or back it up with another CTA such as ‘Grab Yours Now’ followed by an arrow ‘–>’ pointing towards the link aimed at your target audience.

The ad below uses the word ‘Free’ as a CTA:

It is very enticing for consumers interested in trying new flavors of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinner.

2. Ask questions

Questions are a great way to get people interested in your Facebook ad. They offer a conversational tone, so there is a greater chance of getting a response and users already have questions on their mind about the problems they’re trying to overcome. Asking questions, as a result, is one of the best ways to get people to convert to your ads.

You can ask product-related questions, random questions, opinion-based questions, and even occasion-related questions. For example, on Valentine’s Day, you can use a question like ‘is your Valentine shopping done?’ as your CTA. When someone is thinking about the occasion, even if they’ve already shopped, they will be interested to see what you have to offer.

Here’s an ad asking a political question:

It will tempt users interested in politics to click and take the poll.

3. Integrate urgency

One of the things you can do to get someone to notice your ad while they’re browsing through Facebook is to show them a CTA with a sense of urgency. For example, ‘OFFER EXPIRES TOMORROW’ will get you more conversions than just an ‘OFFER’. A deadline of sorts will give people the push they need to take action.

This can be a good rule of thumb for multiple campaigns. When someone goes through your ad and sees a deadline-driven CTA, he/she should feel excited and inspired, and this positive feeling will bread clicking and taking action.

The following is a deadline-driven CTA used by Gap:

By offering a discount between specific dates and keeping it limited to 4 days only, the retailer created a sense of urgency for people interested in buying apparel.

4. Use action words

You need people to click on your ad when they see it, so it needs to act like a motivational speaker and convince them to take action. Tell your target audience to get moving and take advantage of something that will improve their life.

Action words can also focus on how your brand can help people to do something in routine better. This can be related to their personal or professional life, such as a CTA telling an exercise group to ‘lose weight faster.’

Here’s an example of an action word CTA used in an ad:

The aim here is to get users to act, and to motivate them to actually do something by putting the idea of action on their minds.

5. Keep it clear and simple

You always need to make your CTA as clear and simple as possible. This is because most people have a short attention span on Facebook, so they will take a quick look at an ad before moving onto the next one.

For this reason, you need to make sure that users can understand your ad and the value it provides quickly. Avoid using a CTA that’s too ambiguous and metaphorical, as it may confuse the readers and they may not be able to connect with your brand’s value proposition.

Here’s an ad that falls flat on this tip:

Robots in love? What does that mean for Consumers definitely won’t know the value proposition at the first glimpse.

And here’s an example of a clear and simple CTA:

Get her a gift she loves. This ad has been aimed at consumers looking to buy a gift for their better part this holiday season. It’s clear and simple to understand.

6. Use negative CTA

Using negative words in your ad CTA can pique interest. Examples of these words include ‘bad’, ‘terrible’, ‘sucks’ and ‘stop’. These ads will greatly appeal to people who are self-concisions and wonder if they’re doing the right thing.

Take advantage of the fear by integrating negative words in your CTA. Focus on things that people try to improve or overcome, such as overcoming a bad habit. Show them that your brand can help them overcome their fears.

The ad by Matt Lloyd implements this tip:

The negative word ‘failing’ is going to play on most people’s fear to fail in making money online.

7. Use a recommendation

When you’re selling to new customers, you’ll have to win their trust to get them to click on your ads. On Facebook this can be difficult. But you can use a recommendation from someone in your CTA that a lot of people know and trust, such as a big brand, a celebrity or an influencer.

A recognized brand or an influencer will have an opinion that is highly sought after. They have repute and are considered as a go-to-resource by your target audience on best practices, new developments or problems.

Capitalone applied this tactic in the description of its Facebook ad:

But it could have been used in the CTA by mentioning ‘*celebrity name*: gets double miles on every purchase.’ Nevertheless, the recommendation from a famous figure is great for creating an understanding of the service and trust in the brand.

8. Be concise (with newsfeed ads)

The News Feed receives a lot of updates, so your News Feed ad has milliseconds to capture the attention of your target audience and entice them to take action. While you can be quite wordy and whimsical with News Feed ads because of the lengthy character limit, it is better to keep your CTA direct and concise.

People aren’t going to decipher what your ad is about while scrolling through your News Feed. An unclear or a lengthy value proposition could be a bad idea and may even bring down your clickthrough rates.

1-800-Flowers keeps its value proposition concise with just two sentences in this News Feed ad:

This tip is usually applicable to News Feed ads as normal sidebar ads are already kept concise by the character limit.

Over to you

Spending a little time crafting your Facebook Ads CTA can make a significant difference to your conversions. Test and vary between the tips above and constantly monitor your clickthrough rates to see which CTA is performing the best for your campaign.