The Top 5 Features From AdEspresso (Picked by You)

2017 was a fantastic year for Facebook ads!

Compared to just one year ago, there are new ad types, new ways to create custom audiences and improvements made to the way you can manage your campaigns.

It was a fantastic year for AdEspresso users too!

To maintain being the best possible Facebook Advertising product and give you all the tools to improve your Facebook ads, we released a lot of cool new features this past year.  

In this post, we’ve collected the 5 most useful features that AdEspresso released in 2017 (based on feedback from our users).

Curious to discover your best picks? You know what to do.

From editing targets to cloning ad sets, messenger ads and our image editor, we almost released too many new features to choose from in the last 12 months to be in our top five, which is why we asked our users for help!

These are the Top 5 most beneficial additions to AdEspresso in 2017:

  1. Ads Templates
  2. Asset Manager
  3. PDF Report Templates
  4. AdWords Integration for Data Sync
  5. Delete & Clone Ads & Adsets

Click on the one that excites you the most to go straight to the juicy details, or keep on reading to discover them one by one!

5. Delete & Clone Ads & Adsets in AdEspresso

In fifth place, we have our delete & clone ads & ad sets feature!

The flexibility to delete or clone ads and ad sets in campaigns has been long awaited and finally arrived to AdEspresso in the Fall of 2017.

You have that perfect campaign running, and you’d like to copy the best performing ad set in the campaign and make a minor change to the targeting to compare performance to the original winning ad set.  Now in AdEspresso, you can easily select your best ad sets and copy them.

The copied ad sets can be created in a predefined status of active or paused, in case you wish to edit the creative or targeting before having it begin delivery on Facebook.

This makes scaling your campaigns much easier to do in AdEspresso. Instead of relying on copying your campaigns and recreating them with new ad sets, you can just scale your campaigns one adset at a time!

Whenever you copy a campaign, you are resetting Facebook’s learned data on how to optimize the delivery of your campaign to its audience, so this new feature is a blessing for our users looking to scale campaigns without having to reset that data!

You can also select and delete the ad or ad sets, which is a significant improvement for those cases where you want to remove your underperforming ads or ad sets inside of the campaign.

4. AdWords Integration for Data Sync

AdEspresso has a unique Data Sync feature, making it easier than ever for you to sync up all the necessary information from your lead campaigns automatically to your CRM.

This is way better than downloading the leads data from a spreadsheet on Facebook and importing it into your CRM manually.

Our Data Sync tool has gotten even cooler, and now we have included support for two new CRM systems- Linkedin and Salesforce. Though, the fourth best new feature we have from this year is our integration to Google AdWords!

It’s now possible to sync your Facebook leads with an audience targeting in Google Adwords to run always up to date retargeting campaigns on Google Adwords.

How awesome is that?

To get this setup, you can navigate to the “Tools” in your AdEspresso account, and then to “Data Sync.” Now create a new sync and set the source to be Facebook.

At Step 3, you can specify your target to be Google AdWords.  

At step 4, you’ll be able to add your AdWords account and the specific list used for your AdWords integration.

At step 5, you’ll be able to map your lead fields to your target fields in AdWords and finalize your new data sync.

Once the Data Sync is created, you can start seeing your leads from lead generation campaigns passed into the specified list in your AdWords account.

Just login to your Google AdWords and navigate to your shared library, then to Audience Manager. From here, you’ll see the synced leads, and you can use them to retarget in your future AdWords campaigns!

3. PDF Report Templates

Our PDF report tool has saved a lot of advertisers’ time on creating beautiful reports for Facebook ads.  When we first launched the report generator, the creation of your report was done manually.

Creating a report involved specifying the module type, the data you wanted to be included in your report and customizing the design through a drag and drop interface.

We’ve since made more improvements to the PDF reporting tool to save time by releasing report templates!

Instead of manually creating your PDF report, you’ll be able to create a new report from one of three different templates.

You can use choose from:

You need only to select the template you wish to use, then you can choose your data, and the template will be pre-filled with the information you have chosen.

Say goodbye to spending precious time creating your own custom PDF reports!

With the new templates, you can easily generate a report to be sent to your social media team to measure audience engagement every week. This saves you and your team valuable time that can now be spent on something else, like crafting your next winning campaign strategy 🙂

2. Asset Manager

Coming in the number two spot is our awesome Asset Manager feature!

The asset manager was released in late  2016 and has gone through many updates since its first release.

Asset Manager first release, 9/05/2016

Now, using the asset manager, you can create saved, custom or lookalike audiences. You can create folders to keep your audiences organized across all of your clients and ad accounts.

The asset manager saves time by allowing you to do audience building without having to set up a brand new campaign.

Keeping your saved audiences organized is always a good idea. Creating your saved audiences allows you to easily test them against each other in campaigns you are running, as well as minimizing the amount of time you are spending on campaign building by having your usual audiences available to load into new campaigns.

To start using the asset manager, just navigate to your tools box and then to “asset manager” and from here you can find all the audiences in your account.

Asset Manager on 12/09/2017

The asset manager is also where you can go to build out our #1 new feature for 2017: ads templates!

1. Ads Templates

The number one best new feature from 2017 for AdEspresso is hands-down without a doubt our ads templates!  

AdEspresso has a big focus on split testing and for the longest time campaign creation worked by uploading a few different headlines, ad texts, and other creative elements and letting AdEspresso system create every possible combination of ads based on the different things you are testing.

Now, using ad templates, you can design a specific ad to be used or tested within a single campaign.

The ads templates can be created using our Asset Manager.

Just create a new asset, and in the list of assets select to do an ad template.

Now you can specify the creative, ad text, URL, CTA, Facebook page and headline for your ad and have it saved. It can be loaded up into your campaign at Step 2.

This allows us to do two incredible things in AdEspresso for our campaigns that were previously unsupported:

If you’ve ever wanted to test a video ad vs. a carousel ad within the same campaign, now you can do it using the ads templates!

In previous versions of AdEspresso, creating specific ads was a matter of pausing the unwanted combinations that were created through the usual process of campaign creation with AdEspresso where you would have all permutations creations by split testing.  

With the ad templates, you can match your URL to your ad image and headline, creating the perfect user experience for your campaign from the very first click.


A Facebook marketing platform should be one that evolves with your business. Facebook advertising is changing every day, and if your dashboard for advertising is not evolving with it to best support your needs as an advertiser, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Our roadmap is already filled with excellent new ways we can save you time on running your Facebook ads, and we cannot wait for them to be released throughout the next 12 months into 2018 and beyond!

Interested to find out what cool new features we release next?

Sign up for a free trial and let us know what your favorite features are and what we should build next!

Did you happen to find another feature from 2017 more useful than our top 5? Sound off in the comments and let us know!