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Facebook Ads guide: Facebook Advertising Basics
Types of Facebook Ads

Types of Facebook AdsAs Facebook continues to grow, so do their advertising options giving you, the advertiser, a plethora of types of ads to personalize your ad campaign and find the right mix of settings that work best for you to drive sales and increase ROI. With so many ad types emerging, it can be overwhelming to keep them all straight.
For a better understanding of the different types of Facebook ads you can use, here’s a breakdown of them:

Page Like Ad - the standard Facebook Ad

screenshot - standard facebook ad

This is the standard form of a Facebook ad and appears on the right-hand side of the screen and on user's newsfeed, and directs you on a specified Facebook page . You will be asked to chose the Page users will be sent to, a text and optionally an headline and image for the ad. This can best be used to drive traffic to a page and getting people like your page.
Note that if you don't specify a picture and an ad title, your page name and avatar will be used.

Sponsored Stories

screenshot - sponsored story

This type of ad is generated from fans’ interactions with your Facebook page. It gives an overview of a fan’s recent action with your page, such as a like or comment, and then shows it as an ad to his/her friends. The ad includes your friend’s profile picture along with the interaction as the title. You can also see who out of all of your friends that have previously liked or commented on that specific page. Sponsored stories are good for credibility, or “social proof”, as users are more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know and trust. These ads drive engagement, awareness, and fan growth for your business page.

Page Post or Promoted Post Ad

screenshot - page postA Page Post Ad lets you use a recent post/action on your Facebook page as an ad. So if you’ve just added something like a video, text, event, link, or a question to your Facebook page, you can promote it and show it to your fans. Your Facebook page’s name is the title and the body of the ad is the content you’ve just added to the page. When creating your ad, after entering the page users will be sent to, click the second option at the bottom: the Promote Page Posts button. This is a good promotion for your page and drives engagement to whatever content it is that you posted, whether it be to attend an event, watch a video, or maybe to visit an external site.

Mobile App Install Ads

screenshot - mobile app install ad

Mobile App Install Ads drive mobile app downloads and send users directly to an app download page, rather than prompt users for likes. These ads are usually in a separate module, like a Sponsored Story, and appear on the newsfeed in the mobile version. Mobile App Install Ads are used with iOS and Android phones, and in the newest version of Facebook mobile for iOS the user is able to download the app straight from Facebook rather than be directed to an app download page.

The Domain Facebook Ad

screenshot - mobile app install ad

Domain Facebook Ad or External Website Ad, appears on the right-hand side of the screen only and directs you away from Facebook to an external website. First it will ask you to provide the URL users will be sent to, and then a headline, text, and image for the ad. This can best be used to drive traffic to a site off Facebook and to drive sales.
Note that you only have limited number of characters and pixels to attract customers- make sure it’s effective and eye-catching!

This standard Facebook Ad can also be set to send users to a business page, app, or event for your company on Facebook. In the first step where you choose the destination of where users will be redirected, put your Facebook business page, app, or event instead of an external link.

Advertising an App or Event

screenshot - adv app

As said before, Facebook allows you to sponsor an app as well, if your business has one. Once again you start from the beginning when creating an ad and chose your app instead of entering the external URL or Facebook page you want users sent to. After this you can chose to Get New Users, Increase App Engagement, or See Advanced options. The first option advertises your app to a newer, larger audience to gain more users. The second option shows more ads to users who already use your app to gain more interaction. In both cases Facebook generates the ad for you, which you can edit.

There is also the option to show friends’ interactions with your app as an ad. This works the same as Sponsored Stories, so you get the social proof element and you’re increasing your audience to people who don’t have the app, but their friends do.

The same goes for sponsoring an event, just simply enter the event and click the Increase Attendance option. This will show your event to people who are likely to attend.