HOW TO: Improve Your Facebook Ad Click-Through Rate (CTR)

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Earlier today I was browsing questions about Facebook Ads on Quora and came across this one: How Can I Improve the click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook Ads?

There are actually a few different ways to do this, so I thought I’d put together a blog post explaining the answer in detail.

A/B Test Your Facebook Ads

Conducting split testing on your ads is absolutely crucial for increasing your click-through rate.

There is no sure fire way to know exactly which images, headline, body copy and call-to-action will spur the biggest response from your target audience. You may think you know which combination will garner the most clicks, but until you test your idea you can’t be 100% sure.

For example, could you guess which of the two ads below had a MUCH higher click-through and conversion rate? Ad A vastly outperformed Ad B, but we couldn’t have known that without a/b testing it.

Example of a Facebook ad split test

You can easily set up an a/b test within your AdEspresso (or native Facebook Ads dashboard) and begin tracking not only improvements in clicks but converisons as well.

The AdEspresso dashboard visualizes your CTR and conversion rates into easy to understand data.

You can test one or multiple different ad creatives within a single a/b test. I usually suggest testing only two items against each other at a time unless you have a very large ad budget, otherwise it will take a very long time for your test to reach statistical significance. Once one a/b test concludes you can (and should) introduce a new challenger ad in an attempt to continue improving your click-through and conversion rates.

Watch Your Frequency Closely

Frequency is an important metric for all Facebook advertisers to watch closely. An increasing frequency rate along with a decreasing CTR rate means the same people are seeing your ads over and over and not taking action.

Essentially your ad has saturated the target market and the people who are going to click have and the people who aren’t going to click simply won’t.

For example if your ad has a frequency of 10 that means the same person has seen your ad 10 times. If that person hasn’t acted yet, it’s best to try a new ad rather than keep running the same ineffective ad.

I like to see the frequency stay around 2 with a continuously steady or improving CTR.

Spend More Money on Facebook Ads IF…

If your frequency is low and your CTR is high but you want MORE clicks, the answer is to simply spend more money on your Facebook ad campaign.

You have not yet saturated your target audience so there are still clicks and conversions out there ready to be earned.

Just remember that CTR is not everything and that more clicks does not necessarily lead to a higher conversion rate or more sales.

Along with a/b testing your Facebook ads you should be a/b testing your landing page as well to ensure your page converts well.

Using AdEspresso you can easily set up tracking to see your conversions and goal completions right next to your ad data.

If you’re ready to start increasing the CTR for your Facebook ads sign up for a free AdEspresso account and start a/b testing your Facebook ads!

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  1. says

    Excellent informative post.

    I have one question regarding frequency.

    Should the daily frequency of the ad be considered or like a week’s aggregate frequency.
    And similarly what should be the course of action when Campaign frequency increases.

    • Massimo Chieruzzi says

      Hi Sugam,

      Thanks! I think it doesn’t really matter if you check the daily or weekly frequency. I’d personally go with the daily.

      If you see that the frequency remains high for a couple or more days you should either keep the same audience but refresh your ad’s creatives (mainly the picture) or you should consider trying to reach a different/broader audience.

      – Massimo

  2. says

    CTR show the effectiveness of any Facebook AD. If you want to increase CTR you need to target your ad to the right people and of course there is lots of option for this in facebook.

    The picture you ad on your ads also play a vital role. If you sell laptops, instead of a laptop photo you need to add A cute girl holding laptop or some time your local model such kind of photo can catch more eye and can increase your CTR.

    Currently I am getting 4-6 % CTR using my own method. Thanks

  3. Vee says

    Do you have any advice regarding when I should stop A/B test? I have 2 ads of 5,100 ad reach vs 3197, which yield 36 vs 20 in terms of clicks. I key these figures into a split test calculator ( They said I need to gather much more ad reach to get a statistically significant test. I can’t seem to wait for that long as my audience is rather niche.

    What is your advice? Should I just stop this A/B test and move on to another test?
    Thanks in advance

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