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    Very insightful post and I see this happening all the time. I believe this type of tactic would definitely show up in a low engagement rate. Having millions of followers and only able to get a hundred or so people to share/like/comment on your posts to me is a clear indicator that your followers are not targeted and uninterested in your product/company.

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    Nice post Massimo. The other issue is that the half life of likes obtained with this kind of tactic is low as many will unlike when they see your content clogging up their news feed and unlike. If others never engage with your content, then Edgerank will render you invisible to them over time anyway. I get the numbers game too and agree it is a low ROI proposition overall. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Massimo Chieruzzi says

    Eheheh David ! Nothing wrong with some SEO optimization ! At least it’s not well optimized for “Cool cars” :)

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    Good post and example, there are definitely a lots of spammy ads out there. I think the quality of these likes is almost as worst as the “fake facebook profile” ones you can buy out there.

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    i came across this post after reading an ebook about how to create effective Facebook ads. The author said that an effective Facebook ad should just be attractive, both the title and the image. The ad doesn’t have to relate to what you do. The goal is just getting people to click on it and let the landing page does the selling. Well, I disagree. Because why waste money on getting clicks and likes but poor quality leads? Like you said, those ads can get you Likes. But getting irrelevant users wouldn’t translate into customers. I wouldn’t waste my time and money just to get likes.

    • Kristina says

      Exactly! The author of the e-book was giving incorrect advice. The highest converting ad campaigns on any platform (Google, Facebook, TV, print, etc.) always have message/image match between the ad and the landing page. That is one of the first rules you learn in marketing 101. Glad you saw threw that bad advice!

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