All you need to know about Ads in the new Facebook design

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Facebook just announced an important redesign of its interface that will start rolling out to all of us in the upcoming weeks. In this post I’m gonna focus on what’s gonna change for advertisers in the way Facebook Ads are displayed but, if you missed the news, let me first tell you what’s gonna change in the way you see Facebook every day.

Here’s how it will look:
facebook new feed layout

And here’s the key changes you should be aware of, in our opinion:

  • The new layout will be much more visual. The central column is now bigger, pictures will be huge.
  • The left column has been collapsed in the grey bar you see on the left to make the experience consistent across all devices. The right column is bigger and will carry more contextual information.
  • You’ll be able to choose between multiple News Feeds to explore what’s happening on Facebook according to your needs. You’ll be able to see Pictures only, Friends Only, Following, etc. Feeds. This is great to discover new content. We’ll need to see how much and in what way users will use these new Feeds. It could have a huge impact for businesses and page owners.

You can read more about the new layout here.

What’s more interesting for us is understanding how the new layout will influence Facebook Ads. During the presentation Facebook did not mention advertising a single time, they only revealed something in the final Q&A when asked about it.

Say hello to a more visual advertising

For sure the biggest change will be the relevance of pictures in page post ads. You’ll need to be even more careful when selecting a picture for your posts, it’ll need to be catchy and tell a story. Check out the difference:

Page Post Ads new layout

The new picture size is huge ! We can bet all Newsfeed Ads will become much more relevant.  If you’re going to promote a page post, be sure it has a great picture. Another important change is the “Hide” button you can see on the top right of the Ad. This was once buried inside a drop down. It’s much more relevant now and it could have a negative impact on your campaign’s performance.

While the right column has become bigger, the classic Ads’ picture size will be the same as the old interface. This is an example of what they’ll look like:

facebook ads right column

If you want some more examples while you wait for the new Layout to be activated on your account, (btw you can join the waiting list here) here you are:

Facebook Page Like Ad
facebook page like ad new layout

Facebook Offer Post Ad
facebook offer ad new layout

Facebook Link Page Post Ad
facebook page post ad link new layout

Finally, my advice is not to worry too much about the changes right now. You don’t need to take any immediate action to update your Facebook Ads to the new Layout. Facebook confirmed that advertisers can keep using the old assets with the new design, they could just be displayed in a different way.

So let’s take a deep breath and wait for the new Layout to be rolled out worldwide. Then, with some numbers in hand, we’ll be able to understand how to optimize our Facebook Ads to improve our performance in the new Facebook.

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