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AdEspresso makes Facebook Advertising easy and profitable for small and medium businesses. Try AdEspresso now and see your ROI skyrocket!

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  • Create

    Create thousands of Facebook Ad variations in 3 clicks

    AdEspresso allows you to quickly and easily test multiple ad creatives and multiple target audiences to unleash the power of your Facebook Advertising.

  • Analytics

    Easy Analytics to understand how your Ads are performing

    Tired of endless tables of unreadable data? AdEspresso Analytics helps you focus on the most important metrics to find top performing ads and targets.

  • Fine tuning

    Our proprietary algorithm optimizes your campaign ROI

    After analyzing your campaign's initial results, AdEspresso helps you optimize your campaigns, reducing PPC and increasing your ROI like never before.


  • All your campaign data in one place
    Easy to understand

    • Custom dashboard to keep everything under control
    • Immediately understand what is working and what is not
    • Take immediate action to stop underperforming ads
    • Detailed analytics page for those who want fine-grained data
    • So easy even your CEO can understand it
  • Quickly create thousands of ads and audience targets

    • Send mutiple titles, bodies, and pictures, Let AdEspresso create all possible combinations
    • Save your preferred demographic targeting and quickly reuse it in every campaign that needs it
    • Split test every target to find out what is really working
    • Stop uploading the same picture countless times. All of your media is one click away
  • Optimize conversions, not clicks

    • Stop wasting money on clicks that don't convert into sales
    • AdEspresso tracks users' behaviours on your website
    • Our proprietary algorithm optimizes your campaigns to maximize your ROI
    • Y u no optimize your facebook ads?
Using AdEspresso

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  • Before using AdEspresso we were investing on Facebook but we didn't really know what we got back. After adopting it we tenfolded the number of fans and reduced to one tenth our cost per fan.

    Davide Cervellin, Pirelli
  • Using AdEspresso is extremely easy and through its tests and optimizations we managed to save up to 45% on our Facebook Advertising.

    Valentina Piperno, Heinz Italy

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