What Are the Best Times to Post on Facebook?

It’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach- to put it delicately- sucks. Thanks to the ever-changing algorithm, it’s been becoming increasingly difficult for Pages to have their content showing up in newsfeeds for the past few years.

As a result, businesses and marketers are looking for every hack and strategy they can think of to try to help their posts get more visibility. This includes everything from engagement-focused strategies and trying to create targeted posts.

It also means posting at the right time.

By finding the best times to post on Facebook, you can help improve your visibility and your overall results from your Facebook posts almost instantly.

Getting some traction in the form of likes, comments, and shares as soon as you post can help your post to show up on other users’ feeds, too, instead of letting it fade into Facebook timeline oblivion. This is just as true for Instagram, who implemented a similar algorithm earlier this year.

Here’s the thing though: knowing when to post on Facebook is like a game. You have to know the right times to do so, the best content to post, and the understanding that sometimes, you’re going to have hits and misses.

By tailoring everything about your content- including when it’s posted- to your audience, however, you’ll have the best luck and the most results.

We’re here to help!

Is There A Single Best Time to Post on Facebook?

The simple answer to this: sort of, but also no.

Research has absolutely been done that shows the best average times to post on Facebook, based on enormous amounts of data coming from a large assimilation of different accounts. If you look at enough of these studies, though, you’ll notice one thing: almost every single one lists different peak times. Some may say 1-3, others say 3-5, for example. You’ll leave one study feeling confident about what you know, and then you’ll become increasingly frazzled reading any more.

There’s an obvious reason to this: all audiences will be slightly different. A high school student who wakes up at 5:30 AM will have a very different schedule than a college student who sleeps until noon. That college student will have a very different schedule than someone may just one or two years older than them, who are now in the professional workforce instead of just having 3 hours of class a day. And even those in the professional workforce have very different hours, depending on their title. As a result, it might be that everyone likes to check their Facebook before bed… but you now have seven different times that could be.

The only way to find out the best time to post on Facebook is to do some research and experimenting with your particular audience. We’re going to take a look at how to do this in just a few sections.

What Are the Best Times to Post on Facebook In General?

While every business’s peak posting times will be different, general best posting times can be used as a valuable starting point to help you find those peak times. Plenty of research has been done– largely by social media management and analytics sites like Hootsuite, and social media agencies– to help uncover these times. Each study may reveal something a little different, so it’s worth taking a note at all of them.

Hootsuite, for example, found that the best times to post on Facebook is between 12pm and 3pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; and Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 1pm. If you want to post on Tuesday, which lags behind the other days on engagement for some reason, the same weekday time slot is ideal. (Side note: they also have great info about the best times to post on Instagram and Twitter, too, so check out that post.)

Coschedule actually compiled information from 20 different studies for their “best time to post” guide. They found that Sundays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays got more engagement than any other days, and that 3pm posts will get you the most clicks but 1pm posts will get you the most engagement. Keep this in mind, and choose to share link-posts at 3 or later and engagement-focused posts (like “what’s your favorite flavor?”) at 1.

It’s also worth noting that B2C brands get great engagement on weekends, but B2B brands might not get that same attention. Put your hardest-hitting content on the weekdays if you’re a B2B business.

How to Find The Best Times to Post on Facebook For Your Audience

Even though I have a lot of personal, hands-on experience with social media management, learning each new audience will always take time (this goes for Facebook Ads, too). This can be particularly challenging when you have a new Page for a new business. When this is the case, I recommend taking a look at the average best times to post on Facebook discussed above, and start there. Share posts at all the different “best times,” and the time surrounding them (instead of an ideal time of 1-3, post something at 5, and then later 8). If you do this consistently, overtime you’ll be able to see trends of which posts get the most engagement. To increase the likelihood that each post has the opportunity to be seen, I only post once a day.

Eventually, with analytics tools like Hootsuite or even Facebook’s Insights, you’ll be able to quickly look at full reports of all your content and see which posts have gotten the most engagement. It shouldn’t be too hard to detect, after about a month, which general times (and types of content) are benefiting your business the most.

You’ll have th check the time stamps manually, but it’s worth it.

For established Pages, you can cheat and use Facebook’s Insights to see when your audience is most active online. Go to Insights, and then to Posts, and you’ll be able to see this information quickly and cleanly. Just make sure to check for the time zone, and experiment with the peak activity times.

Peak posting times combined with good content matter a lot. Take a look at this example, which is the Facebook page for a three week old business that I’m managing. This business is positioned fourth in terms of followers, but has higher engagement than any of the other competitors in the area. This is largely due to the right content, at the right time.

Final Thoughts

Well, the best times to post on Facebook- along Twitter and Instagram for that matter- depend on your specific audience and what types of services and products you offer to them.

As you’re building your Page, test out posting at different times and see what works best for you. Use the tools and strategies discussed above to find your optimal best posting times for the different types of content you post.

And don’t forget to use scheduling tools like Hootsuite to deliver your content at the exact right moment.

What do you think? What are the best times to post on Facebook for your specific audience? Do they line up with what we’ve discussed here? How did you find your optimal posting times? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!