We have something special to share: AdEspresso joins Hootsuite

We’re extremely excited to announce that AdEspresso has agreed to join forces with Hootsuite.

You can find Hootsuite’s Press Release here and some coverage from TechCrunch and from Venturebeat.

While we will not be disclosing the exact terms, this really is a special thing for several reasons.

Yep, we heard this a lot, both on the AdEspresso and on the Hootsuite side 🙂

If you’re curious to know more about how it all went down, we’ve published the backstory (where we reveal all our learnings along the way) here. M&As are by far *the* most obscure processes of the startup industry, so we thought interesting to tell that part of the story too. But what’s really important now is the “why.”

So: why did we do it?

Well… of course you would think we did it for the money. But that’s not really the point: when you’re running a profitable company that grows 300% year-over-year with $8M working capital, more important than money is the value generated in the market and the recognition for the work done so far. You don’t actually start a company to make money; there are other easier and faster ways to do it.

You do it because you have a vocation for what the company does. And if that’s the case, you quickly discover that money is not the reward, the reward for good hard work is being able to do even harder work. Also, as the saying goes: “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”.

Sounds trite, but that’s really the case. AdEspresso surely grew fast in these 3 years: from zero to 40+ people, 5k+ customers, 100k+ subscribers, 350k+ monthly uniques, $25M/mo+ AdSpend processed… it’s hard to believe it, but today we’re the most widely used Facebook Advertising Optimization Solution in the world.

Fun fact: celebrating joining forces with Hootsuite was the first time the AdEspresso’s Team got all together in the same place.

That growth potential is far from fully realized and maxed out, tho. If you look at how the market is evolving, there are several reasons why the Hootsuite+AdEspresso combination is an extremely powerful one and makes all the sense in the world.


Plus: one more key driver for us

It has been the people. There are a couple of angles to this. The first: one of the common truism you hear all the time is that startups are agile and quick, while bigger organizations are not. Hootsuite is an exception. We were seriously impressed by the speed of their team across the board.

More than once, it was us kinda struggling to keep the pace. That’s one of the benefits of being part of a more mature organization – you can rely on more specialized people/roles coming together to make things happen, each one of them in his/her respective capacity with a common goal in mind.

The Hootsuite Team in its not-so-secret-anymore-at-that-point visit of the AdEspresso Milan Office

The second angle is that in Hootsuite we found a team that is not only great at what it does, no exceptions, but that cares about people. It cares about being in a positive, collaborative and friendly environment where people look out for each other and strive to be their best. That’s something rare.

Finally: we both deeply care for our customers. Everything we do, we do it for them. Every product decision, every marketing choice, every dollar invested, every person allocated… is to make our customers’ lives easier. You don’t become the best-in-class solution of your category otherwise.

Massimo, Ryan, and Armando celebrating the beginning of a new exciting phase together.

A few words on what’s next

With that in mind, it’s probably useful to dedicate some time to share what’s gonna happen moving forward. One of the special things about Hootsuite+AdEspresso joining forces is that AdEspresso will continue to operate as an independent business unit within the Hootsuite organization.

So all the things we were writing about here on “AdEspresso Phase 2” are still where we are going next… only, with more resources and firepower than ever before, as part of Hootsuite, which is simply *the* best social media management platform in the world. We’re extremely excited about that.

And we want to celebrate this special occasion with the Hootsuite and the AdEspresso customers as well. In that spirit, we’re launching not one but two new products for the AdEspresso’s customers next week (one of which totally free – stay tuned), as well as a super special limited promotion for *all* Hootsuite customers which starts right now.

Here’s to an exciting new beginning!

AdEspresso is joining forces with Hootsuite = more time for you to enjoy a great coffee. Espresso of course 🙂

A very special gift for you

If you’re reading this and you’re a Hootsuite customer: check your email, you’re in for an awesome surprise. And if you didn’t receive anything, ping the Hootsuite Support Team or your Hootsuite Point of Contact if you have one. They will be more than happy to help and give you further details.

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