AdEspresso’s Top Blog Picks: The Best Posts of 2017 (To Grow Your Results in 2018)

How did you welcome the New Year? With a few champagne toasts, a lot of noise and happiness and plenty of dreams for a prosperous 2018 for your business?

That’s what we wish you too.

May your 2018 be packed with brilliant social media marketing ideas, full of Facebook Ads campaigns with the highest ROI ever, filled by an army of new leads yearning to be turned into customers and oh, yes, lots of happiness and health too!

To make sure that these wishes come true, we want to give you a little stash of knowledge to start the new year with a bang!

We selected the top articles we published this past year on AdEspresso blog and collected them all here, so you don’t have to search the archive (or Google) when you are looking for answers to your questions about Facebook and Instagram ads, or Twitter and even Linkedin advertising.

Are you ready to travel through time without even leaving your chair? Keep on reading, and start by feeling one year younger, this first article, in fact,  was our top post last January!

How to Boost Your Facebook Ad Results in Just 120 Minutes

One of the most common questions to our Customer Success team is: “Why is my Facebook campaign underperforming?” Because of a poorly targeted audience, a wrong bidding method, the seasonality, or it’s the ad fatigue… the list is long.

With only two hours of your time and our 10-step guide, you are guaranteed to get better results for the same advertising budget.

We show you how to run a 30-minute check-up of your campaign health, how to find the perfect time to advertise for your business and which ad placements deliver the best results. Then, of course, we show how to optimize all that and a few more tips and tricks to have the best performance at the lowest cost.

Key takeaway: This is a must read even if you’re just getting started with Facebook ads; because we provide helpful examples along the way!

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Facebook Ads Bidding 101: Everything You Need to Know (…supported by data) 2017 EDITION

If you want to beat your competitors to the Facebook ads race, you need to master how to target the right Facebook audience and optimize your ad bidding.

If you fail to place the right ad bids, you may end up either paying too much for your campaign or reaching a small portion of your potential reach.

So how can you choose the right Facebook bidding strategy?

In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to know about Facebook bidding updated with the latest 2017 news and insights to give you the timely overview you need for best campaign results ever.

Key takeaway: Many elements contribute to whether or not your bid will “win” those views, and understanding all of the factors and how the process works can help you get the results you want.

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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads Interest Targeting Research

We often get asked how to find good interests to target for Facebook ad campaigns. So we’ve decided to write a super in-depth guide in two parts.

In the first one, we cover interest-based targeting and precisely how you can reach your audience more accurately than your competitor by spending less money and get better performance at the same time.

In the second part, we show you how to use all the data you collected to improve your Facebook ad campaigns.

Researching can be somewhat dreadful and time-consuming, but we’ve found that it directly impacts ads’ performance.

Key takeaway: Look at it as a trade-off, the more money you have to spend on ads the less research you have to do. You can just test more keywords and let the data speak for itself or, if you are on a budget, invest your time.

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How much will your next Facebook ad campaign cost?

Have you ever wanted a magic formula to calculate precisely the cost of your Facebook ads so to get started cheap and easily?

Something quick and easy to use for when you’re not sure how much ad budget to allocate to your first ads? Something that can serve as a benchmark and that you’ll be able to adjust individually to your business?

Here you have it! And we give you more than you bargained for!

Whether you are running retargeted ads or ads to a cold audience, we give you all the tips and tricks you need to set the perfect budget for your Ads plus our secret Facebook ad budget calculator that you can download for FREE.

Key takeaway: For retargeting ads, consider running low budget, long-term campaigns for brand awareness. For cold audiences, run ads for a specific campaign (to drive new sales, generate leads and so on) that is more short-term focused.

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16 Genius Ideas for Your Facebook Ad A/B Testing

Is “Always A/B test my Facebook ads” one of your determinations for this 2018? Well, you better include it, because split testing is the way to go if you want to achieve the best results with your campaigns.

There are so many different ad elements and variations you can test; the copy, the visuals, the audiences, the placements, and so on. You can’t check everything, every time (unless you have a huge budget and plenty of time).

So what are the ad elements that should be given the priority in testing over others? Which one will deliver the fastest improvement in results?

To inspire your next Facebook A/B testing, we listed 16 experiment ideas that will keep you busy (and your ad results improving) for months to come!

Key takeaway:  the two most important things to get right are your target audience and your ad visuals. Then, you can refine it, even more, experimenting with other campaign elements.

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How to Launch a Book to Bestseller Without a Big List

When self-publishing, much of the success of your book depends on a good book launch. A strong launch can position you as a thought leader and create powerful opportunities for your business.

You want your message to be heard, your story to be told and to reap the rewards of your investment.

This can be tough to do, especially if nobody knows you as the great author you are (yet).

To help you succeed, bestseller author Kyle Gray shares his process and strategy for how he launched The Story Engine, and how he was able to make bestseller in several different categories in both the Kindle store as well as the paperback store in less than a week.

Key takeaway: follow the strategies he outlines, you’ll be able to launch a book that goes straight to bestseller too, even if you don’t have a huge list or social media following to draw on (yet).

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LinkedIn Ads: Everything You Need to Know to Get Results (Smart Strategies Included)

Thanks to some incredible updates LinkedIn has made to their ads platform in the past year, the platform has finally taken its place in a marketer’s toolbelt.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you already know that LinkedIn ads have become indispensable both for prospecting new leads, nurturing those you already have, and converting who’s ready to take the next step.

In this multi-level guide, we’re going to give you everything you need to get results with LinkedIn Ads.

The first level will help you get started with LinkedIn Ads; it includes a step-by-step tutorial on setting your business profile, creating your first ad and running your first campaign. Once your ads are up and running, you need our guide on LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager to manage your ad campaigns, edit Page or account details, get analytics feedback, and more. The third part contains all the updates and new strategies.

Key takeaway: Test out some LinkedIn lead ads if you haven’t already, and get started with the native video.

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Agosto Instagram Ads Cost

Instagram Ads Cost: The Complete Resource

Instagram now boasts over 700 million monthly active users, and on top of it being widely used, Instagram users are more likely to engage with brands on Instagram than on any other social media network, according to Forrester’s research.

Considering these factors that make Instagram a great advertising platform, you’re probably wondering — how much do Instagram ads cost?

We’ve analyzed more than 100 million dollars of ad spend in 2017 only to provide you with Instagram Ad cost averages for 2017. We take a look at CPC (cost-per-click) data of Instagram Ads from Q1, Q2, and the beginning of Q3 in 2017. 

We cover differences based on gender, day of the week, and look at month-by-month breakdowns. Plus, we explain what affects the cost of advertising with Instagram ads. We might not be able to tell you exactly how much your specific campaign is going to cost, but we’re going to give you a good reference point of the current costs of advertising on Instagram today.

Key takeaway: Don’t miss the visual guide to advertising on Instagram, a fantastic infographic that will look stylish on your office wall and will let you have all the data ready at a glance! Download it here for free.

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Pixel

Out of all of the incredible tools, Facebook has created for marketers; perhaps the most useful is Facebook Pixel.

The tracking pixel allows you to monitor how successful your Facebook Ads actually were—giving you more accurate conversion rates—and create custom audiences based on site traffic. These are huge, precious benefits.

Two years ago, there were two distinct Facebook pixels: one was the conversion pixel, and the other was for tracking audiences. Earlier this year, Facebook combined these two into one upgraded tracking pixel!

In this post, we go over everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel, including what you can do with it, how to install it, and tools that can make the process a little easier!

Key takeaway: Give also a try to Pixel Caffeine, our WordPress plugin for Facebook ads. No matter where you’re choosing to install the Facebook pixel, opting for Pixel Caffeine will help simplify the process so you can start benefiting from the tracking pixel right away.

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Pinterest vs. Instagram: How To Use Both To Boost Your Business

Pinterest or Instagram. Which one is the right fit for your business?

The answer is a) it depends and b) both!

Instagram and Pinterest stand out as the two most visual-centric social media platforms that we have. If you want to get any attention at all—let alone any followers—you need to have gorgeous, high-quality images on both.

That’s a pretty big similarity, but aside from the priority on gorgeous pictures and the fact that both can help grow your business, the two platforms have very little in common.

The users on both sites even prefer starkly different types of images, both concerning subject, and visual aesthetics.

In this post, we’re going to analyze Pinterest vs. Instagram, and cover the key differences between these two social media giants.

You’ll be able to rock your marketing on each platform instead of flopping on both.

Key takeaway: We cover hot topics — such as audience usage, unique features, and even what types of images your audience wants to see on both.

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Google AdWords Latest Updates – All You Need To Know

The new AdWords experience is vastly superior. The UI experience and features have both received massive upgrades.

We can now target users with the same specificity and detail that we can on Facebook.

Custom audiences aren’t the only form of detailed targeting that works anymore.

The new experience is open and ready for any advertiser to take advantage of on Google.

The new experience might take some time to get used to, but the new features are here to stay and will only increase and improve with time.

These features are currently exclusive to the new experience, so if you want to get started with them, you need to update. Thankfully, it’s free and easy to do for anyone using the platform today. If you don’t like it, or if you’re a scrooge and love the ‘good old days,’ you can always switch back.

Key takeaway: Try taking advantage of these demographics and extensions to start bringing in new visitors and closing more sales.

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Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads: Battle Of The Ad Titans

Google AdWords and Facebook ads are both exceptional places to advertise your business.

Both of these networks excel when it comes to delivering results. They’re relatively cheap, and each has billions of users with diverse audience targeting options.

So, when it comes to Facebook ads vs. Google AdWords, which platform is better?

Should you invest money in Facebook ads to take advantage of lower costs and excellent demographic targeting?

Or should you funnel your cash into Google AdWords to take advantage of strong search intent that leads to higher conversions?

Or… should you do both?

In this post, you’ll find out how to make the right choice for your business.

Key takeaway: If you need to make a decision right this second, click here and go to our handy infographic that compares both platforms

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Wrapping it up

Facebook (of course), Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Ad Words… we really tried to give you the best tools to help you succeed with your advertising on every social media platform.

In this 2018 we will give you even more.

New guides and ebooks, new experiments in our University and live webinars with the best experts available. So stay tuned and… let’s toast once again to your future success! With a cup of espresso, of course 😉

What do you think of our selection? Is there any article that you especially liked? Or something that you want us to write about? Let us know it in the comments!

And if you’re st5ill willing to travel through time, keep on reading, here below you’ll find our top 10 posts of 2016!


It’s been a crazy and fascinating year for Facebook advertisers, introducing updates from Live Video to Facebook Workplace. Facebook now has 24% of the World’s population as its monthly active users, making it THE place to be for brands.

In AdEspresso, we reviewed our most popular articles in 2016, dug into your comments, and found out which posts helped our readers the most. We noticed that the most popular articles were actionable, thought-provoking, and results-oriented.

As you’re embracing yourself (and your marketing strategy) for 2017, take the time to read the countdown of the TOP 10 articles from 2016 that will change the way you think about social media marketing and Facebook Ads. Et voila! You can start the new year as a world-class marketing pro!

#10 Buying Instagram Followers? Our Experiment Reveals The Truth…

There’s a popular belief that getting more Instagram followers, even if they’re “fake,” will make the real people notice your brand they’ll end up becoming customers.

Buying Instagram followers is easy: you can create bots that follow Instagram users and unfollow the ones who haven’t followed in a certain time frame. BUT DOES IT REALLY WORK?

We discovered that while bots can help you amass a large followership, they’re not engaging with your brand. Neither do they buy anything from you. The large fake followership looks good in your Instagram account, but not in your monthly revenue.

Key takeaway: Interacting with real people on Instagram and posting quality content is the best way to learn about your audience and attract potential customers.

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#9 The Only Power Editor Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

While the Facebook Ads Manager is certainly capable of running basic ads, the limitations of the platform eventually prompt marketers to scale into Facebook’s professional platform: Power Editor.

There’s a good chance you’re missing out on highly efficient Facebook Ads hacks simply because you’re using only the Ads Manager.

We published the ultimate guide to getting started with the Power Editor – Facebook’s powerful ad creation tool. You’ll get a crash course in all the features, best practices, hacks, and tutorials – everything you need to take your Facebook Ads to a new level in 2017!

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#8 37 Great Instagram Ads Examples To Inspire You

There are over 500,000 Instagrammers all over the world, and there’s no sign that user growth is slowing down anytime soon. So how can you make your brand stand out of the crowd?

Not all brands know how a to create a successful Instagram campaign. And then there are the superstar ads that catch your eye and make you want to buy what they’re selling. Did you even know that you can create a carousel ad on Instagram?

From ad design to copywriting, these 37 Instagram ads are guaranteed to inspire you. Check out these amazing examples and learn from the best!

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#7 The Ultimate Guide to Social Proof Marketing

Just think about it: How often do you pick a restaurant based solely on the number of people dining inside? Or buy a product based on many customers who have positively reviewed it?

From user testimonials to high-profile client logos, social proof can significantly boost your website’s conversion rates. But don’t limit social proof to your website – it can also be applied to Facebook Ads and other marketing campaigns.

This complete guide will reveal the best practices of using social proof in your marketing strategy, and how different types of proof affect buyers’ decisions. In case you haven’t any social proof from your client yet – no worries, this guide also covers the starting out part!

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#6 The Ultimate Guide To Branding With Facebook Video

You’ve likely noticed that this list includes lots of Ultimate guides. That’s because they deserve their name!

This guide will get into the gritty details of video creation and how to use Facebook Ads video to expand your brand’s reach.

In case you’re unsure whether video is a good option for your brand, here are a few reasons you should try it in 2017:

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#5 Facebook Ads for Kickstarter: The Complete Guide

If you’ve ever considered launching a Kickstarter campaign, here’s a tip: use Facebook Ads to create awareness and drive traffic to your product’s site.

Your Kickstarter marketing strategy shouldn’t start when your campaign launches: it all begins months before the Big Launch.

From pre-Kickstarter landing page to creating successful Facebook ads, you’ll find everything there is to know in this guide!

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#4 We Tested Over 100 Different Facebook Ads in One Month – Here’s What We Learned

Facebook ads are highly unpredictable. Unless you’re an oracle, it’s impossible to forecast whether people will like your ads and which images will catch their attention.

We decided to answer the question “What makes a good Facebook ad?” by testing over 100 ad variations in one month. Among others, we did our best to answer the questions:

Join in on our journey and see what we learned, testing after testing!

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#3 8 Data-Driven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Having a branded Facebook Page with no likes is like throwing a massive party where nobody shows up. 62% of millennials research products on Facebook before buying and a great Facebook Page with engaged customers will make you look trustworthy.

Here’s the good news: you can get more Facebook Likes reasonably easily.

We tested 8 of the most effective ways to get more Facebook Likes with advertising in a real-world scenario and analyzed how you can use each one of them to grow your Facebook Page.

Oh, and did we mention this article’s written by our CEO Massimo!

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#2 50 Amazing B2B Facebook Ads To Inspire You

If you could pick only one way to improve your Facebook Ad Results in 2017, what would you do? We recommend that you review all your past ads and learn from your big wins and mistakes.

Here’s a rundown of 50 successful ads from across the B2B community, aiming for different audiences and objectives, from Awareness to Sales and Promotion, to Free Trials. And if you want even more, you can find thousands of Facebook ads for every kind of business in our Facebook Ads Gallery.

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#1 The Complete Resource to Understanding Facebook Ads Cost – 2016 Q3 Results!

It’s a question we hear all the time, and see plastered everywhere: How much do Facebook Ads cost?

We see this question a lot, and one of the only consistent answers we see is “it depends on a lot of factors.”

We analyzed the Facebook ad costs in Q3 of 2016, and found out that they’re affected by multiple elements:

As one of our readers put it:

“So much great info in this post. I’m always getting asked this question by clients. Thanks for summarizing it all for us to geek out over.” 🙂

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We hope you found lots of valuable knowledge from these ten articles to boost your advertising results in 2017. We wish you a fantastic New Facebook Advertising Year!