Facebook Ads AND/OR Targeting, Better A/B Tests Reporting and much more added to AdEspresso

Here we go with another monthly update on what we’ve done in September to make AdEspresso easier and more effective for your Facebook advertising needs. We’ve made several improvements this month and, best of all, we’re nearing the public release for 2 big new features we’ve been working on for a couple of months and will be live in October!

Let’s get started with this month’s new features!

Better Facebook Ads Split Test Reporting

Split tests are the core of AdEspresso and we just released a major improvement to our reporting system to allow a better analysis of your experiments.

Until now in the Ads Reporting page, you could only see the total values for the specified time frames for each experiment. While this was useful to understand, overall, which variation of the split test was working better, we felt that something was missing.

And that’s why we decided to come at things  with a fresh angle. Now, by default, you’ll be able to analyze the trends of your experiments over time. This new visualization allows you to understand how your experiment is evolving and what are the real results of each variation at any given time.

By the way, check out our new guide on How to Split Test Facebook Ads!

AND/OR Logic for Precise Interests Targeting

We now support one of the most interesting update Facebook recently introduced in Interests targeting.

Previously you could target interests only with an “OR” logic. This means that if you were targeting Nike + Adidas, you were actually reaching any user that was either a fan of Nike, Adidas or both. Not bad but seemed like too audacious of a reach.

From now on in AdEspresso, you can decide if you want to target only the subset of users that like both Nike “AND” Adidas. This means you can move from a very broad audience of 22.000.000 people to a much more laser focused audience of 1.600.000 hardcore fans of sportswear. I strongly suggest you to try immediately targeting your campaigns with an “AND” logic… the results may surprise you!

Subscribe with PayPal

Many of you asked for PayPal support and we’re happy to announce that it’s now possible to subscribe to AdEspresso using PayPal.

If you are an active user, you can also switch your payment method from standard Credit Card to PayPal by going in the Settings page and changing your billing method; at the next billing cycle you’ll be billed through PayPal.

More than 15 minor improvements

We’ve also made many bug fixes and improved already existing features. For example, you can now set your oCPM bid to Automatic, edit your campaigns name, and get better precise interests targeting suggestions based on your country. We’ve also completed the migration of our full infrastructure to Amazon Web Services to guarantee more speed and scalability as we grow.

October is gonna be another exciting month as we’ll soon release automatic Page Post promotion and, by the end of the month, Automated optimization of campaigns via rules you can freely define to best suit your needs.

What other features do you think could make AdEspresso better? Let us know in the comments!