Facebook + Pinterest = A Match Made in Social Media Heaven

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fbpinFacebook is a social network dedicated to connecting people from all around the world. Pinterest is visual discovery tool designed to link people with similar interests or projects. Together, they can be a match made in social media heaven.

While Facebook is clearly the king of social media, Pinterest is another network that can be used in conjunction with Facebook. Think of it as a “best of both worlds” scenario: Your business can use the range of Facebook, a social network with well over 900 million active users, with the depth of Pinterest.

In addition, check out this data:

  • Although Pinterest does not have the same reach as other platforms, 55 percent of Pinterest users have engaged with retailers and brands through Pinterest, as opposed to 48 percent of Facebook

  • 43 percent of Pinterest users note that they use Pinterest to “associate with retailers or brands with which I identify,” as opposed to 24 percent of Facebook users who agree to the same use with Facebook

  • Pinterest users are more loyal than Facebook fans in terms of showing support

The above shows the following: While Facebook has the userbase, Pinterest has the engagement and the loyalty factor. Pairing the two together can provide you with some great results. So, what are some ways to combine the span of Facebook with the library of wealth Pinterest provides? Check out these tips below:


Pin content from Facebook

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can “pin” or save a recipe, craft idea, DIY resource, and even how-to guides.

Plus, with over 10 million users, Pinterest has cultivated an audience of users, innovators, and as with any social network, addicts. However, if fans are able to pin content directly from Facebook, you can create twice as much usership than with one platform alone.

The Four Seasons of Boston combines the power of Facebook with the usefulness of Pinterest by pinning valuable content straight from a business page:


For example, The Four Seasons posts the hotel chef’s food inspiration, such as a recipe for beef bourguignon. The recipe has a “pin it” button in the corner, making it easy for users to save the recipe directly from Facebook.

Users won’t be able to pin straight from your Facebook Page; however, using third party software like Shortstack you can easily create a tab that has pinnable images in it.

Hold a contest

Contests are a great way to boost engagement, drive sales, and involve your followers in your product or service. However, if you post a contest on Facebook with the intention of directing your followers to Pinterest, your contest can hold a larger significance.

Take a lesson from these examples:


  • Logitech posted a contest on Facebook asking followers to follow them on Pinterest. They then request fans to pin the place they would most likely want to work, study, or create on their terms with the Logitech tablet folio. After, fans are asked to click on any of the pins to fill out an entry form for a chance to win a Logitech product of their choice, plus a $500 gift card towards a tablet

  • In the Esurance Fantasy Tailgate Sweepstakes, Facebook followers are asked to create a Pinterest board containing items such as who they are cheering for and game day activities. They are also asked to fill out an entry-form on Facebook. Winners receive $2,000 worth of tailgate swag.

  • Timex asked Facebook followers to pin their favorite Timex and accessories from their Pinterest inspiration board for a chance to win a featured Timex and a $100 Visa gift card.

As you can see, when you use Facebook as a redirect to Pinterest, you encourage your followers to get involved in a fun way.

Promote specific Pinterest boards

The beauty of Pinterest is that it allows businesses and users to create different boards, which are essentially categories that group together the best pieces of content.

For example, companies like HubSpot have categorized their boards into great sections, such as marketing eBooks, helpful webinars, or holiday marketing techniques. However, when you promote specific Pinterest boards on Facebook, you are able to target a bunch of content through one update.

For example, Entrepreneuress Academy, an online membership site that teaches people how to grow their businesses online, promotes certain boards on Facebook. For example, a board with inspirational quotes and wise words is linked in an update, complete with a teaser image. This promotes both the board, plus the mass amounts of content within it, through Facebook.


Facebook and Pinterest are a match made in social media heaven. By using the best of both sites, you’ll be able to optimize each platform and interact with your followers in fun and creative ways.

Let me know how you use Facebook and Pinterest together in the comments below!

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