How B2C Brands Can Drive Revenue Using Pinterest

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This post was written by Nikita Patel, content marketer here at

This just in! Pinterest has not only been rising in the ranks year after year, it’s also become one of the top ways to drive sales revenue.

While I’ve highlighted the benefits of Pinterest for B2B brands, such as being one of the top social networks for driving sales and having higher engagement levels, new reports indicate that Pinterest is on its way to being a social media powerhouse.

According to the Q3 Social Intelligence Report from Adobe, social networking platforms like Pinterest are driving huge amounts of revenue year after year. In fact, Pinterest saw a 150 percent increase in revenue. More specifically, 55 cents per visitor. While this may not seem like a lot, in comparison to the low cost of social media marketing, Pinterest earns a pretty valuable ROI for B2C brands.

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B2C, or business to consumer brands, are more prevalent on Pinterest than B2B brands. From beauty brands to food and beverage organizations, Pinterest has been an awesome way to connect with customers through a visually appealing medium.

Plus, since about 43 percent of Pinterest users note that they use the site to connect with retailers or brands that they identify with, Pinterest can be an open door to driving sales and building up your reputation in the process.

So, what are some key ways they can drive revenue using Pinterest?

Think about your audience

What are your customers looking for? Ways to make their lives easier? Content that will help them to pass the time? Innovative ways to do tasks they are familiar with? Though it may not be simple to gauge every like and dislike, understanding what the customer wants will help you to produce material that will be more attractive. More attractive content means a higher chance your audience will convert into customers.

A great organization that is in tune with what their audience wants is Whole Foods Market. The grocery store, which specializes in natural and organic products, has about 57 boards, all with the consumer in mind.

Whole Foods Pinterest Boards

In addition to the many boards that interest their customers, Whole Foods has boards like “Whole Kids Foundation” and “Our Favorite Books” which not only provide insightful and attractive information content, but also link back to Whole Foods itself. This connects content with the end goal: More conversions and higher revenue.

Encourage consumers to “pin” your products

While relatable content is always a great way to drive sales, you have to give your audience a call-to-action, as well. One of the main benefits of Pinterest is the fact that you can “pin” or save content to reference or use in the future. However, there are some ways B2C brands can use this method as a way to increase activity, and therefore sales, from your customers.

Beauty retail store Sephora is a good example. With 55 boards and over 200,000 followers, Sephora has definitely made a large dent on Pinterest. CMO and Chief Digital Officer Julie Bornstein believes the same: “Pinterest is the perfect venue to visually share shoppable new products, how-to’s, and cool images. It’s a place to get inspired by beauty.”

Sephora Pinterest Boards

However, Sephora went one step further by encouraging action. According to Social Media Delivered, the store created “pinnable” emails in 2012. These emails contained new products, as well as links to Pinterest accounts, which helped to drive engagement and activity. In addition, Sephora also sent emails specifically to Pinterest users, which allowed them to pin content directly from their emails.

Sephora pinterest emails

The result? Sephora Pinterest users send 15 times more money on than the average Facebook fan. In addition, a month after the first email campaign, Sephora also saw 60% growth in traffic from Pinterest.

Use giveaways

Everyone likes a prize at the end of the journey, right? While your main concern may be sales, you have to entice your audience in order to get there. Using giveaways is a great way to do this since it gives your audience members a reason to engage and use your Pinterest page.

American clothing company The Limited plays the giveaway game pretty efficiently. First, they take a page out of Sephora’s playbook by sending out Pinterest-themed emails. However, they go one step further by asking customers to choose the perfect holiday presents from their “Gift Guide” board and pin their holiday wishlists. Those who participate are entered to with a $100 gift card, which encourages consumers to participate while promoting The Limited products at the same time.

Pin to Win Contest

While these methods aren’t the end-all of driving revenue on Pinterest, they can be a great way to jumpstart your business, and your bottom line, in a streamlined fashion. Let us know what methods you use in the comments below!

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